100 Floors Escape review

The Floor Escape

Escape from… ehhh… 55 floors?

The name of the game is to solve puzzles to open the elevator so that you can get to the next floor. The Floor Escape 1You start from floor one and go upwards and eventually get stuck on the 55th floor with a notice stating “More coming soon.” Why there’s only 55 floors and why you’re trying to escape by going upwards doesn’t really matter if the puzzles are fun.

That’s the other problem, very few puzzles are fun. Most puzzles are just remembering sequences, realign things up and put the right objects together. When they do try and be clever by “thinking out of the box”, it can get frustrating because the solution isn’t really that clever. An example of this is when you have to turn the phone upside down to make the number 49 appear. You then have to count the amount of lit bulbs that make the numbers, 9 for four and 13 for nine, and type it into the key pad on the elevator door. It’s just too random to be logical.

Out of the 55 puzzles you might find a few interesting puzzles but most are bland or too far out of the box that Google will come in handy to fetch you the answers like a puppy with a newspaper. It’s definitely not the worst game out there and can be picked up for free on Android. (The name of the game seems to have been changed to The Floors Escape).

Rating 2 Star

available on android

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