5 games we want on the PS Vita

We can only hope the PS Vita matures into a system with a robust and respectable library, and while it does seem to have a fairly strong line-up for the next year or so, it could use some more firepower. Here are our suggestions:

Gran Turismo Vita

Gran Turismo is the definitive racing sim on Playstation platforms, and we think it’ll make an excellent transition to the PS Vita. The device is certainly capable of producing the stunning visuals GT is known for, and I think the extra options for controls offered by Vita have a lot of potential – gyroscopic steering and touch-pad gear shifting, for example, could be incredibly intuitive if implemented well. Not only would GT on PS Vita be a great game, but a great global seller as well, which is something the system desperately needs.

Another Uncharted

We’ve already had one Uncharted on the next-generation portable and it was received with much praise. We’d love to see Bend Studio take another shot at the series, preferably set between Among thieves and Drake’s Deception, with a focus on the relationship between Elena and Drake.

GTA: SA stories

The 2 GTA games on PSP took familiar settings from their home console counterparts and put their own spin and story on them, a strategy that proved successful as both games were huge critical and commercial successes. Whilst Liberty City and Vice City both had their outings, San Andreas, arguably the most beloved GTA setting, has yet to see it’s handheld debut, and on the Vita is where it needs to be. It could tie-in to GTAV somehow, a prequel perhaps, or it could follow an entirely new story – we don’t mind either premise, we just need our portable GTA fix.

Fallout Vita

If there’s one thing the PSP has that the PSV lacks, it’s long-ass RPGs, and one of those that’s also a big seller and almost guaranteed to be awesome would be very welcome on Sony’s new handheld. The Vita version will benefit from on-the-go questing, a truly deep, home-console experience in your hands (this would of been perfect on my 8 hour flight to Canada earlier this year) and the tedious inventory system can be mapped to the touchscreen for ease-of-use. Bethesda have never made a handheld game, but there’s a first time for everything.

A smash-hit New IP

So, by now we’ve listed 4 existing franchises, but what the Vita really needs is something completely unique. Something jaw-dropping. Something you’ll only experience on the Vita. A game that defines it. A franchise that sells it. Let’s hope that in the coming months a mind-blowing, system-selling new IP is announced, and the Vita will thrive because of it.




8 Comments on 5 games we want on the PS Vita

  1. A new Uncharted would be nice, but it needs to be more distinctive than the first one. It needs more set-piece moments like we got in Uncharted 2 and 3. The engine is already in place now, so I think they could focus on a more interesting story and events.

    I’d like to see a God Of War game on the Vita.

  2. I’d LOVE to see a port of Mark of the Ninja…..Klei brought Shank to Ps so what will it take for them to bring this gem to PSV? Itd be a perfect marriage!

  3. i enjoy my vita though all ive been playing since it came out was mk. im a fighter fan tho 😉 i like these. they would be great games for the vita imo

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