BreakQuest: Extra Evolution review

BreakQuest goes under the knife to reveal drastic results. The original BreakQuest was a block breaker that plays by its own rules. Read our review here. The sequel comes out with all gun blazing and, at first glance, every aspect from the last game improved and modified. If we dig deeper will we be disappointed?

Block Breakers, more commonly known as Breakout Clones, involve keeping a bouncing ball within an arena and stop it escaping through the bottom of the screen using a paddle that you control by sliding left and right. Simple concept that is similar to the first commercially successful game, PONG.

BQEE contains a variety of power ups to keep gameplay fun and interesting. Power ups include a variety of missiles and ball shapes but there are also bad power ups to avoid like faster ball and remove paddle. Like the original the levels are diverse in design, again to keep things interesting.

Compared to the original, BQEE looks a lot better with revamped colour popping visuals that make the game more suited to the small screen of the PSP/PSV. The ball and power ups are larger and easier to see. The paddle is easier to control and now doesn’t feel like you’re trying to control it on a bed of oil. The downside is that there backgrounds are so colourful that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the difference between the blocks and objects to the background. The ball is also a little floaty with less zip which slows down the gameplay which suits the depressingly downbeat soundtrack.

BQEE tried so hard to be an improvement and in some ways it is. It just lacks the charm of the original which is why we would recommend the original over this. If you’ve played the original then this isn’t a bad follow up and you will still enjoy it loads… just not as much as the original.

Rating 4 Star

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