Call your own shots in Remedy’s ‘Quantum Break’

Remedy, the studio behind Alan Wake and Max Payne, is bringing us their newest title, Quantum Break. They are better known for Max Payne, however, which became a hit when it was first released. Remedy are not releasing Quantum Break as just a game, but the studio is also working to deliver a television series along with it.

From the first glimpse into the trailer, we can tell that this game will somehow implement a form of time manipulation. We are also shown a way that the player can interact with the environment whilst manipulating time. What this means in-game could possibly shape combat or solving a puzzle. These are just theories, not fact as details on the game are vague.

Quantum 2

Quantum Break will include a television show that aims to bring the world of video games and television closer. Remedy are also saying that “how you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game”, so with this we can assume that a multiple choice system will somehow be incorporated into the game. Again, this is not confirmed, but speculation.

Quantum Break will release on the Xbox One in 2014.

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