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The top 10 most expensive consoles in history, PS4 at 33rd & Xbox One at 18th


Consoles can be expensive. Yes, we are looking at you PS3! Maybe it’s not fair to single out the PS3 because it doesn’t even make it into the top 10. It’s nestled comfortably outside at number 12. Yep, a console that cost $600 back in 2006 doesn’t feature. You have to wonder what goes through the mind of a company to slap such a high RRP on console that inevitably seals their fate for failure. Read more

Microsoft update turns your MSP into a cash balance and gives you only a year to use it


With Microsoft rolling out the latest update for the Xbox 360, one of the biggest changes was implementing the rollover from Microsoft points to actual dollar figures. The goal being to eliminate the controversial policy that gamers have been upset with for more than 6 years. The unfortunate reality, is that it now comes with a stiff price. Read more

Gran Turismo 6 revealed, 1,200 cars, 33 locations and PS4 version a possibility

GT6 27

Gran Turismo 6 was revealed at its 15th anniversary event and since then a megaton of info has been divulged about it. We have all the info in one place and raring GT fans will not be disappointed. Not only do we have details of the game, we have screenshots, video of it in action and info on the possibilities of it being on PS4. Read more

Twitch hits the Xbox 360


If you spend your life on You Tube, you would notice that a good chuck of it is made up of gameplay videos. People play games and others watch them. It’s become a bit of a fad. We’ve been in conversations about said You Tuber playing said game and how amusing we found it. Twitch is a service that provides entertainment through streaming videos of people playing games. It’s hard to put it more simply than that. Read more

Bethesda announces Wolfenstein: The New Order


Wolfenstein is widely acknowledged as the game that really began the FPS genre. A side scroller in the 80’s, the game did not thrill many gamers. Wolfenstein 3D in 1992 changed all of that. A one of a kind game, Wolfenstein 3D led you through a WWII Nazi stronghold.  Escape was your goal, and killing Nazis was a bonus. Now, Bethesda is bringing a new Wolfenstein to gamers. Read more

Injustice: Gods Among Us review


The last time a game with DC comic book characters met up with Mortal Kombat influence, we were subjected to a rather dull, boring, and mainly bullshit game. Understandably it was an attempt to bring DC into the fighting game genre. We’ve had Marvel based fighting games for a long time, but any foray into the DC universe is met with a resounding failure. The more recent attempts at a DC universe game presence, such as the Batman: Arkham series seems to have put new life into a tired idea. What we get, is a rather pleasant surprise with NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice: Gods Among Us. Read more

Fuse preview


Oh Insomniac. You know just how to tickle a games pickle, don’t you?

Insomniac are best known for their Resistance games. When the lonely Lombax was fixing his ship he noticed something different. Oh, sorry, that’s Ratchet and Clank. Anyway, Resistance made it a point that a purple dragon named Spyro can enter our hearts so easily. Apologies again, that was Spyro the Dragon. Resistance follows Ratc-okay, let’s be honest, you probably remember Insomniac more for the Ratchet and Clank series Read more

Batman: Arkham Origins announced

Batman Arkham Origins GI cover

Warner Bros. has announced the newest edition to the Arkham series with Batman: Arkham Origins. While the game has not been fully revealed, a few things are known. This title takes Batman back near the start of his superhero career. Before the Dark Knight was the ultimate crime fighter and master detective, he had to begin at the bottom and work his way up. Bringing in villains before they hit the big time will help even the odds against this early Batman. One of these villains is Deathstroke, as seen in the Game Informer magazine cover. Of course Batman still wins. He always wins. He’s Batman. Read more

Bioshock Infinite review


To fully understand and appreciate Irrational Games’ Bioshock Infinite it helps to have a basic understanding of alternate realities. The theory that at any point in time there are an infinite amount of parallel realities that can seem exactly the same or completely different. In one world you could be the opposite sex, you might never have been born, you might have children or have none. Read more

Gears of War: Judgment review


Gears of War: Judgment attempted to follow in the highly praised footsteps of its predecessors, but merely stumbled along behind it. Epic, partnering with People Can Fly, spent a lot of time tweaking the game so it would debut as a fresh idea to the series. The result was a game that felt too much like Gears to be its own unique title, with just a few too many tweaks that left it falling flat. The core elements of the Gears series are still there. High powered weapons, blood thirsty monsters, gore, death, and war. The main differences lie in the direction the game tried to take. Read more

Xbox ‘720’ info revealed by inside Source

Xbox 720 kinect

The next-generation console rumors have been flying around for the past 2 years. Recently, the speculations have been out of control as a possible announcement date gets closer. Speaking with a source who has had hands-on time with the new Xbox console prototype, we’ve learned a few new details. Under conditions of anonymity the source had this to say in regards to testing:

Read more

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