Hands on with the Nintendo Switch

January 21, 2017 Milo 0

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the recent Nintendo Switch announcement event in London to get our mitts on the new console. But […]

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Review

September 10, 2015 Milo 0

I’m a huge fan of Dynasty Warriors games, they’re simplistic yet highly addictive games that reward with instant gratification like no other series. I’m also […]

Deadpool Review

July 25, 2013 Milo 0

Deadpool has been growing in popularity over the internet in recent years. So much so that High Moon studios, the guys behind the new transformers […]

GTAV gameplay trailer

July 10, 2013 Sam 0

As last gen starts to come to an end, Rockstar is determined to squeeze every ounce of power from the aging 7th gen consoles. Rockstar […]

Infamous: Second Son new screens

May 9, 2013 Aaron 0

Infamous has been around for a while now and with the third installment of the gaming coming up for the highly anticipated PS4, Sony decided […]

Fuse preview

April 17, 2013 Will Underwood 0

Oh Insomniac. You know just how to tickle a games pickle, don’t you? Insomniac are best known for their Resistance games. When the lonely Lombax […]

Bioshock Infinite review

April 5, 2013 Jim Plowman 0

To fully understand and appreciate Irrational Games’ Bioshock Infinite it helps to have a basic understanding of alternate realities. The theory that at any point […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us preview

April 5, 2013 Jim Plowman 0

What happens when the incorruptible become corrupted? What happens when those who vow to protect, become those who seek to rule? What happens when mortal […]

PSN deals and gems

April 3, 2013 Sam 0

You don’t have to fork out loads of hard-earned cash to get a decent gaming experience. In fact you can get some nice little gems […]

Gears of War: Judgment review

March 28, 2013 Jim Plowman 0

Gears of War: Judgment attempted to follow in the highly praised footsteps of its predecessors, but merely stumbled along behind it. Epic, partnering with People […]

New Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer

March 27, 2013 Sam 0

Hideo Kojima has sprung on us the Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes trailers on us in the recent past. Kojima Productions have just freshly released […]

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