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Tales of Zestiria Review

The most refined Tales game to date.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

To the man who sold the world

Fairy Fencer F Review

A fairy satirical adventure

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Review

War. War never changes.

The Legend of Korra: The Video Game Review

The animated Avatar franchise has had a bad history with video game adaptations. Past games that focused on the series…

Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Review

Written by Milo Fisher Akiba’s Trip is one of the few whacky Japanese games that ten years ago we would…

Destiny Review

Words by Milo Fisher Destiny is a universe jam packed full of adventure. Unfortunately, most of those adventures end up…

One Piece Unlimited World Red Review

Written by Milo Fisher One Piece has been going for over 15 years now, and yet has never managed to…

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Review

Trying to talk to people in the west about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is like talking to a brick wall, it’s…

Tales of Symphonia HD Review

Words by Milo Fisher I’ve always held the “Tales of” series close to my heart. From the cheesy writing, to…

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Demo Impressions
5364_JBA ASB Logo

Words by Milo Fisher JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of my favourite anime out there. It has whacky characters, bombastic…

The Lego Movie Game Review
Lego movie

Words by Milo Fisher After the recent release of the fantastic Lego Movie, expectations for the movie based tie-in game…

Dark Souls II Preview

Words by Milo Fisher I got the chance to visit Namco Bandai recently to get our hands on Dark Souls…

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Review

Words By Milo Fisher Dragon Ball Z is one of the most beloved anime franchises in the western world. The…

SIDE NOTE: Saint Seyia DLC impressions

Milo Fisher’s impressions on the Saint Seyia DLC costumes for Saint Seyia Brave Soldiers.

Get your pickaxe, Minecraft tunnels its way to PS3

Minecraft is just about on every device so it’s strange to have taken this long to finally get its ass…

Battlefield 4 patch due out today *Updated with patch notes*
Battlefield 4 next gen

For those BF4 players who have been experiencing multiplayer instability, or who have come across the one-hit kill bug and…

Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut Impressions

Deadly Premonition is the twin peaks of gaming. It’s a B-movie for gamers. It’s a fantastically strange adventure that people…

Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Review

When a new fighting game is made by Capcom, people lose their minds. But when a new fighting game is…

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because I DON’T KNOW! Review

Adventure Time. Cartoon Network’s hit show about a boy and his dog. With a series with such a well crafted…

Stick it to the Man review

Stick it to the man is a hilarious, whacky, and enjoyable experience that harkens back to point and click games…

Get ready for the enslaught of TV ads for Call of Duty: Ghosts

We will be getting no less than 6 different Call of Duty: Ghosts ad bombarded at our TV screens. The…

PS Vita TV: Small box, big tricks
PSV TV 001

At Tokyo Game Show Sony took to the stage to introduce their entry into the microconsole market with PS Vita…

PS3 and Vita price drops

Rejoice fellow gamers! For the PlayStation 3 and Playstation Vita have descended from their price points in the sky and…

Gamers get high in GTA V

Games have been pushing the boundaries for years. More disturbing deaths, drug use, prostitution, but GTA is a game where…

New characters coming to Persona 4 Arena

It was announced today that Junpei Iori and Yukari Takeba from persona 3 will be added to the rest of…

Injustice: Gods Among Us brings Zatanna to the gaming stage as the 6th DLC character

DC comics are all about superpowers. Flight, strength, speed, etc. One thing that it also has, is a vast amount…

Martian Manhunter DLC available now

One of the biggest hits to any JL fan, the Martian Manhunter was missing from the original roster in Injustice:…

Bioshock Infinite DLC announced

Irrational games have just announced three new pieces of DLC for Bioshock Infinite; one of them being a challenge arena,…

Dishonored’s final add-on pack lands August 13th

Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches is the final DLC for the critically acclaimed title from Arkane Studios. Available worldwide on August…

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