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One Piece Unlimited World Red Review


Written by Milo Fisher

One Piece has been going for over 15 years now, and yet has never managed to find a video game genre that fit it. The series would often borrow from other franchises for its video game adaptations (see One Piece Pirate Warriors 2) but would never dare to be original. One Piece Unlimited World Red takes a bold step for the franchise by being the first original title to grace a home system, and it does so wonderfully.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Review


Words by Milo Fisher

The newest game in the long running Etrian Odyssey franchise has arrived on the 3DS, and while it doesn’t do anything too revolutionary with its mechanics, it makes up for it by being the perfect dungeon crawler for newcomers to the genre.

Conception II Review


Words by Milo Fisher

Conception II is unapologetically unoriginal. It’s sexist, unimaginative, bland and repetitive. But for some reason, I can’t put it down.  

Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks Review


Words by Milo Fisher

Inazuma Eleven made its name on the original DS back when the system started out, and with the latest game in this sport RPG series being released on the new 3DS, how does it fair?

Soul Hackers 3DS Review


The Shin Megami Tensei series didn’t pick up much popularity in the UK during the 90’s, and it wasn’t until the persona series came out that the franchise grew its passionate fan base. This meant that games such as Soul Hackers flew right over people’s heads. But now, thanks to the re-release on the 3DS, players young and old can experience one of the games that defined the franchise.

Bravely Default Review


Think back to the days of old, when Final Fantasy was the most ambitious and well crafted RPG of the generation. Those games were incredible.  Well Bravely Default has appeared to take us back to that time and show us just why RPG’s are so magical.

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because I DON’T KNOW! Review


Adventure Time. Cartoon Network’s hit show about a boy and his dog. With a series with such a well crafted world and many memorable characters, it seems that a game set in the world would be fantastic. Sadly, Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because I DON’T KNOW isn’t the game fans have been waiting for.

The legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds Review


Zelda games have had their ups and downs lately. Twilight princess had mixed reactions from the fans, and skyward sword its fair share of problems.  The last original handheld Zelda game was Spirit Tracks, a game that no one really seems to hold in high regard. But thankfully The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds has burst onto the scene. And much like Ocarina of Time, this is one of the best Zelda games of all time.

Nintendo 2DS hands on


We’ve had a chance to have some hands on time with the new Nintendo 2DS. And…

E3 and Conferences


E3 is the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games and related products. Tens of thousands of professionals will experience the future of interactive entertainment. The most influential people leading the most innovative companies in the industry attend E3 to see groundbreaking new technologies and never-before-seen products for computers, video game consoles, handheld systems, mobile and social, and the Internet.

Batman: Arkham Origins announced

Batman Arkham Origins GI cover

Warner Bros. has announced the newest edition to the Arkham series with Batman: Arkham Origins. While the game has not been fully revealed, a few things are known. This title takes Batman back near the start of his superhero career. Before the Dark Knight was the ultimate crime fighter and master detective, he had to begin at the bottom and work his way up. Bringing in villains before they hit the big time will help even the odds against this early Batman. One of these villains is Deathstroke, as seen in the Game Informer magazine cover. Of course Batman still wins. He always wins. He’s Batman.

Disney Shuts Down LucasArts


According to sources close to Kotaku, Disney has laid off the staff of LucasArts and cancelled all current projects, including the amazing Star Wars 1313 shown at E3 last year and Star Wars: First Assault.

Pax East hast started, what’s new?


Pax East opened its doors this morning at 10 am Boston time. What did Publishers and developers announce right from the start? Learn more by reading this.

Nintendo is on the warpath- No more online piracy

nintendo piracey against

Nintendo has sent a  letter to the U.S Trade Representative asking them to put pressure on Countries where Online Piracy is out of control. They are urging them to take action because of the mounting losses that are occurring because of rampant Piracy of their games.

GC’s worst and most disappointing games of 2012


GC takes a look back over 2012 and sifts out the rotten and disappointing games to be brought to the front and made an example of. Let’s take a look at what we chose:

Black Friday 2012 console sales figures



Black Friday as been and gone and traditionally it’s a time of year when can get amazing deals on absolutely everything and a pretty good time to pick up a console.

New Okiraku Golf 3D trailer


Arc System Works new 3DS e-shop game Okiraku Golf 3D is on its way to Japan tomorrow.

It is just a basic golfing game where you will use the 3DS touch screen to control most of the actions in the game. When you watch the trailer you will see that it is a bit reminiscent of the golf section in Wii sports. Just replace your Mii with a Japanese anime looking character.

First Confirmed Unreal Engine 4 licensee: Square Enix


Today Epic Games announced an agreement with Square Enix, giving them access to UE4 for use in the development of “multiple games”. 

GamrCred: A new type of gaming community


GamrCred is a place solely built for a gaming community. We were invited to the beta and came away a little impressed with what they are trying to achieve here. First let’s talk about what they hope to achieve.