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Silent Hill review


Many say that the old Silent Hills are the best. We go a short distance back in time and take a look at the original Silent Hill on PS1, but has it aged like a fine wine or will you whine at how it’s aged.

Galerians: Ash review


Galerians: Ash is a largely hidden gem that many don’t know of. Its dark and intriguing atmosphere is one to really behold. Being a sequel of Galerians, it packs a punch that even those new to the series would find interesting.

Mega Man X review


Mega man on the NES has brought frustrating and fun times to gamers around the world. Following such a success, in 1993 Mega Man X was released. It continued the original Mega Man series but taking place one century after the last installment. With more challenging bosses and heart upgrades you can shoot a buster at, it became one of the most acknowledged series for the SNES.