Torment: Tides of Numenera Preview

January 24, 2017 Milo 0

The long awaited spiritual sequel to Planescape: Torment is nearly here. But can it do to reinvigorate the genre after over fifteen years? It can […]

Styx: Master of Shadows Review

November 18, 2014 Danny 0

Styx: Master of Shadows is a new fantasy based stealth game developed by Cyanide Studios for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the game […]

Xbox One DVR set in 720p at 30fps

August 6, 2013 Jim Plowman 0

With multiple Xbox One titles being launched at 1080p and several of those playing at 60 frames/second, the obvious answer about the built-in console DVR […]

D4 is a mystery with a twist

June 11, 2013 Will Underwood 0

A game that got people talking back in 2010 was Deadly Premonition. It received very mixed reception, with some calling it a travesty while others […]

Destiny hits big at E3

June 11, 2013 Jim Plowman 0

Bungie’s newest title, Destiny, make a big splash as they showed some overwhelming gameplay trailers and demo footage. While we know some of what Destiny […]

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