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Styx: Master of Shadows Review


Styx: Master of Shadows is a new fantasy based stealth game developed by Cyanide Studios for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the game takes place in the universe of ‘Of Orcs and Men’ (the game’s sequel) and inside the ominous Tower of Akenash. Players take control of the first goblin, Styx, as he tries to steal the heart of The World Tree in order to earn himself a small fortune and in the hopes of discovering his origins as the first goblin. Styx is described as being a master of stealth, thievery and murder… How original. Read more

The Legend of Korra: The Video Game Review


The animated Avatar franchise has had a bad history with video game adaptations. Past games that focused on the series have all been shallow beat-‘em ups with little enjoyment other than fan service. The Legend of Korra hopes to right the wrongs of past games in the franchise by being an action packed 3D brawler that can appeal to anyone. more

War on console sales has begun. Sony claims more, Microsoft claims fastest

Xbox one ps4

With both consoles releasing in November, both have sold an impressive amount. Sony reportedly leads with a higher total sold throughout the month, however Microsoft makes a bold statement saying that their console reached sales numbers much faster than the PS4. The numbers really can’t stand out for much in just the first month as they both launched in different weeks. Read more

Battlefield 4 patch due out today *Updated with patch notes*

Battlefield 4 next gen

For those BF4 players who have been experiencing multiplayer instability, or who have come across the one-hit kill bug and found it rather bothersome, rejoice, for the end is near.

A developer over on the Battlefield 4 forums had this to say in regards to the situation:

We will be rolling out the Xbox One game update today, starting 10AM UTC / 2AM PDT. Players may experience some downtime as we upgrade our services. Expect patch notes to become available soon.

Hopefully this update fixes the majority of the problems gamers have been experiencing since launch.


Update; list of fixes included in patch:

-Fixed three common crashes that could occur during map transitions
-Fixed a common crash that could occur when using the in-game Battlelog in the “end of round” screen
-Fixed two crashes related to destroying vehicles
-Fixed a crash that could occur when the player lost connection to a server
-Fixed a crash that could occur when using the scoreboard
-Fixed a crash that could occur when players were using the voice chat
-Optimized performance when shooting destroyed Levolution objects on some levels
-Removed the blur effect on soldiers that appeared when Commanders were using EMP attacks
-Fixed the “one-hit kill” bug where damage from a single bullet sometimes was applied multiple times. This could lead to firefights where normal rifles sometimes dealt one-shot kills, which is not as designed
-Fixed a memory leak that could lead to crashes at certain points
-Further reduced the probability of getting a corrupt save file in the single player campaign
-Fixed the audio drop outs that could occur when playing on large maps. Typical map affected was Golmud Railway in Conquest with 64 players. Ambient sound would sometimes cut out, like foley sounds from player running, vehicle engine sounds, vehicle movement sounds, and map ambient sounds
-Fixed an issue with going online after resuming your Xbox One from suspended mode
-Fixed some issues with the handling of Xbox One parties
-Made the icons used to signal voice chat status more reliable

Xbox One off to less than fantastic start


Launches of any new product can often be problematic. Clothing may be made of weak material, vehicle engines may contain flaws, electrical equipment may have faulty wiring. It’s all relatively quite common for these instances to pop-up. Recalls do happen to make the products safer and more reliable. However, these instances are few and far between compared to over a million customers all experiencing the same issues the way that Microsoft consumers are with the Xbox One. Read more

Next-Gen console launch celebrations tainted with devastating hardware issues

X1 PS4

With new technology there is always the possibility of unforeseen problems that arise immediately after they are released. It’s especially common in this day and age where cell phones get upgraded every six months, tablets and computers at least every three. It’s difficult to imagine that there is a long testing phase for these products, yet the vast majority usually go off without a hitch. Why is it then, that a product that has been in development for years can have so many issues? Read more

Microsoft’s free “Games for Gold” program will continue on Xbox One


Earlier this year Microsoft started their “Games for Gold” program that delivers older titles for free to Xbox Live Gold members each month. Halo 3, Dead Rising 2, and Assassin’s Creed II were some of the bigger names that were handed out. While very old titles, they were still quite popular and resulted in several hundred thousand downloads. Microsoft is continuing this program for the Xbox One. Read more

Microsoft: “Connect up to 8 Wireless Controllers at once to your console.”


We’ve heard a lot about the upgrades to the new controllers for the next-gen Xbox. More than 40 improvements, better design, better feel, removal of the battery pack area so players can grip it better. Recently, Microsoft added to the list that the Xbox One can support 8 controllers all at the same time and feature a 30ft wireless range. Read more

Has the Xbox One’s price been secretly changed?


***UPDATE*** 7/23: Image was taken off a secondary placeholder file. No change in price has been reported.

Original story 7/22: When the Xbox One was revealed and given a $500 cost, many were put-off by what they felt was an extreme price tag. With the PS4 being released for a full $100 less, those who are more financially strapped may decide to go with Sony, instead of taking a chance with Microsoft’s X1. Read more

Destiny hits big at E3


Bungie’s newest title, Destiny, make a big splash as they showed some overwhelming gameplay trailers and demo footage. While we know some of what Destiny is about there is plenty we still have to learn. Regardless of the mystery that surrounds the game, Bungie definitely knows they have a ht on their hands with the noise that was made last night. Read more

‘Sunset Overdrive’ mixes casual attitude with mayhem and blood


Taking place in a world suddenly affected by a catastrophe, Sunset Overdrive turns your city into one big playground. The city underwent this catastrophic event resulting in almost the entire city’s inhabitants dying or turning into mutants. It’s up to you to fight them off. An open world environment, the game takes the term “sandbox” to a whole new level. Go where you want, kill what you want, and turn this giant city into your personal amusement park. Parkour plays an important role in the story so you will see a lot of acrobatic moves, zip lining, running along walls, etc. Read more

Xbox One teams up with ‘Dew and Doritos’

doritos and dew

Yes, you read that correctly. Mt. Dew and Doritos are apparently teaming up with Microsoft and Xbox One to create an “unprecedented experience.” Microsoft seems hell bent on acquiring any and all commercial companies to advertise for the Xbox One. It almost seems unreal how far they are willing to take this idea. Are they really in need of money that badly?

One thing is for sure, this “partnership” really doesn’t help the stereotype that all gamers do is stuff their faces with Doritos and drink gallons of Mt. Dew all day. Bravo Microsoft. You just set back the legitimacy of the gaming community about 5 years.

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