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Deadpool has been growing in popularity over the internet in recent years. So much so that High Moon studios, the guys behind the new transformers games, have decided to give Deadpool his own game.

Deadpool is all about the one and only Deadpool. He’s a schizophrenic psychopath with a multiple personality disorder who can’t die. Deadpool himself is awesome, but game on the other hand, isn’t.

Having a crazed nutjob as the protagonist for a video game makes for an interesting idea, and Deadpool runs with this. The game follows Deadpool being an idiot as he ‘finally has his own video game’. That’s really it for the story, there is no real reason or rhyme to whats going on, because it’s all inside his twisted head. The game opens with Deadpool taking the script and re-writing the majority of the game, and it just gets weirder from there.

A huge part of the games appeal is the comedy. Fear not friends, the game is full of laughs. Many of the jokes Deadpool makes are immature, inappropriate, nonsensical one liners. And it’s funny. The humor on show is for a very teenage mindset. There are dick jokes galore and so many boob jokes it gets ridiculous. Many of his friends show up to ‘help’ him, but most of them are there just for Deadpool to make jokes about. One of these friends is Cable, the cyborg from the future. The banter between these two is hilarious to watch, and at times it feels like a buddy cop movie. The humor is very entertaining, meanwhile the gameplay….

Gameplay is your typical hack and slash. One button for light attacks and one button for heavy attacks, it’s the norm by now. The game also lets you use a multitude of guns, but the gunplay is hard to get right. The auto aim assist rarely helps and is nearly useless against flying enemies. The idea behind the combat is to keep up combos, hitting bad guys continually with different weapons and shooting them from afar keeps the combo chain going, and at the end of a fight the player is awarded DP (assuming it means Deadpool Points). DP is used to buy new weapons and upgrade them. All of this works well enough, but it’s nothing special. The whole time the gameplay feels like filler to get to the next joke. So while there is nothing bad to complain about, apart from the mandatory stealth sections, the gameplay is just fine.

The game runs on the unreal 3 engine, and it never shows off what the engine can do. The game looks muddy and watered down, there is a large amount of texture pop in and there are glitches to be found quite regularly. If High Moon were trying to make the game look like a comic book, it didn’t really work, the game just looks old.  These bad looks can also effect the gameplay. Some areas didn’t fully load and at one point an item didn’t spawn, causing a restart. The game could have looked better.

Deadpool is a mixed bag. The gameplay and graphics are mediocre at best, and the music is as typical as it could be. But the ‘story’ and constant humor keep the game

Rating 7


entertaining for a while. There is a lack of any replay value, and the game rarely puts up a challenge, but the game should be a fun experience for any fan of Deadpool.

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