GC’s worst and most disappointing games of 2012

GC takes a look back over 2012 and sifts out the rotten and disappointing games to be brought to the front and made an example of. Let’s take a look at what we chose:

Sam | Quizball Goal!

Sometimes games get accused of being the “worst game in the world” because it didn’t live up to its own hype. Even though the game was pretty decent, it didn’t manage to hit the lofty heights of people’s expectations. My candidate for worst game of 2012 is straight up one of the worst games I’ve played in history. Even Snake, a mobile game from 10 years ago, beat this game hands down.

What is it you say? It’s a piece of rubbish that sits nestled deep within the PlayStation Store (not deep enough) called Quizball Goal! This sad excuse of a game came a few months before Euro 2012 to prey upon nations going into a football frenzy.

One of the problems with this game is that it looks awful and the animations are diabolical. But it’s a quiz game so it can still be a decent game without looking great. It could have been if they didn’t break the first 2 rules of a quiz game. Rule one, you do not repeat questions. Rule two, YOU DO NOT…. O you get the idea.

Repeated questions aren’t that bad if you see the same one every now and then but 3 to 4 times in one match, GAME BREAKER! So ok, it’s a bad game, who cares if you waste a couple of quid on a bad game? Well they actually charge quite a bit for this game, £7.99 to be exact. To put things into perspective, you can get the classic Braid for the same price, Journey or Limbo for an extra £2 or get an episode of The Walking Dead for half the price. Avoid this like it’s a reheated kebab.


Andre | Arctic Combat

Due to the abundance of titles in the military FPS genre, newer franchises that want to get a foot in need something to seperate them from the pack. Arctic Combat is the textbook example of doing absolutely nothing to seperate yourself, and shamelessly mimics the best modern shooters, particularly Call of Duty. The problem is that it feels like a F2P Call of Duty 4, and what I mean by that is the mechanics are good, but not at thearctic-combat-1 levels of refinement as recent titles, graphically it’s 5 years old, and it’s more restricted.

It’s simply just a dated, soulless clone not worth anybody’s time when alternatives like Battlefield 3 and Black Ops 2 exist, or even on the F2P front where Tribes: Ascend and Team Fortress 2 reside.


Mark | Resident Evil: ORC

OperationRaccoonCityI, like most had high hopes for Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, it was meant to be fresh new approach to Resident Evil. It was supposed to be tactical team based shooter, but a game this poorly executed doesn’t deserve the title ‘tactical’.

Tactical: relating to or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military end. – FAIL!

With a back lore so extensive it should not have been difficult for Slant Six Games to come up with a coherent story for ORC, I mean it starts off well playing as the Umbrella clean up squad sent in to clean up the mess of the Racoon City disaster but alas the story never really kicks off and I found myself bored very quickly.

I think what we will all remember ORC for is the terrible game play something that not many Resident Evil games have suffered with previously and with some of the worst AI ever to grace god’s green earth. Resident Evil ORC more than earned its place at the top of my personal, 2012’s most disappointing game.

Jake | Resident Evil 6

Despite the hype for a well-deserved comeback from RE 5, RE 6 added new mechanics that changed a whole lot about the RE series as of today. For the most part, it wasn’t for the best of its kind.

A solid RE game is known for its basic foundation, uncluttered by nonsense and additional as well as useless features. RE 6 managed to keep theresident-evil-6- 2 gameplay styles that we know and love most like RE 4 but ruined what was so sturdy all along. Useless moves like attacking freely without the need of a on screen prompt ruins the rigidity that defined the RE series, instead just becoming another 3rd person shooter that is oh so common today. Ask any long-time fan of the RE series about stamina and they will look at you with three heads. Things like these might be additions, some good even, but in retrospect of the series itself it feels as to only hurt what it has become.

Thanks to gameplay factors such as quick shot and counter attacks, that leaves one less portion of the game to ruin. Again, they did include the additional story modes like they had in RE 4 (Ada Wong), but this time everything is misplaced and feels effortless. There are more than one additional campaigns but the only one with a feeling of effort is the main (Leon) campaign. Poor story explanation and horrible atmosphere make it literally a task to delve into.

Usually graphics don’t make the game, gameplay does. That’s why Resident Evil 6 is one of the worst games of 2012. Useless gameplay mechanics such as dodging, quick shooting and sliding to name a few, crush the backbone of RE 4 and up. Trying to be a hybrid of what it used to be as well as what most games are doing today is not a good look for RE 6. An overall unfinished feel in atmosphere leaves much to be desired as well as loose ended

Alex | Resident Evil 6 (Again)

2012 was a slow and dull year compared to others in recent memory.  Some gems did arrive and amaze but they could be counted on one hand.  While the rest were games easily ignored or forgotten.  I did however jump in to a game that i had hopes for despite what I heard and read.  What was once crowned as the king of its genre, has deteriorated game after game into a mere shadow of what it had once stood for.  The developers resident-evil-6almost purposefully smothering it into the ground with spinoffs that basically just take the source material and poke fun at it.  If you have not yet guessed what this title is then I’m actually happy for you.

I’m admitting first off that i did not finish this game.  I couldn’t.  I was put off within the first 20 minutes but trudged through a few hours before calling it quits.  I had some hopes because zombies returned and it seemed to somewhat return to its routes.  New combat abilities like being able to walk and shoot at the same time gave the feeling like maybe its back!  Maybe finally we have the RE we all love and remember.

Nope.  We were had.  The controls were still clunky, AI was atrocious.  Most of the animations seemed robotic, especially so for the player character.  All the appeal was lost within the first hour of the game.  I trudged through a bit more waiting for that glimmer of hope that just did not come for me.  After the mess that Operation Raccoon City turned out to be, one would assume developer Capcom would take extra care to carve RE6 into the prime feast is should have been.

Milo | One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP

One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP was one of the worst 3DS game 2012 had to offer, with a slow campaign and a mission mode that could be beaten in an afternoon by spamming buttons. It was a poor cash grab by Namco Bandi.

The game was an unoriginal brawler based off the Shonen Jump manga ‘One Piece’, the story was non-cannon and featured characters made exclusively for the game. The real problem with the game was that it was a ten hour fetch quest with mediocre and repetitive combat. The game indexnever got exciting and didn’t feature the incredible battles or fantastic imaginative islands that the manga performed so well.

The game was released on the 3DS in America and Europe with essentially half of the game missing, as One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP is the first half of a two part game that cost $60. The second half was released 5 months later for the same price of $60. This meant that anyone who wanted to play the full game would have to pay over $120. What’s even more annoying is that the Japanese version of the game came on one cartridge, meaning they only paid for one complete package.

Any One Piece fan looking for a quality game that stays true to the story should look toward One Piece: Pirate Warrior on the Playstation 3 and should stay away from this lacklustre beat ‘em up.


Let us know what were yours in the comment section below.

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  1. I am just sick and tired of people picking my 2 fav games of 2012. RE6 and ORC, the 2 best games in the series. RE6 had the best graphics, controls, AI, camera, story and replay value. It took me a2 months to beat all 4 campiagns and still playing to this very day. Thanks to its mercany which I can play online with a freind. The best campiagns were Adas and Jakes, since they were the most fine. This game hyped me up for 6 months til I bought it. Then it gave me the best RE experience ever and has lived up to the hype. As for ORC, it is the best shooter on the PS3. A breath of fresh air from dumb shit like COD and HALO. It as the most addicting gameplay in the series. It gave me a chance to do a different gameplay in RE. I loved the story, controls, graphics,gameplay, single player mode, and best feature is the multiplayer mode. I love these games as not only as a gamer but also as a die hard RE fan. If anyone on this website have a problem with me loving these games, then I got 2 words for you. SUCK IT

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