Here’s Something Awesome: Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings is the new gun slinging game from Tribute Games. It follows a Rambo-esc ‘King’ or a Sonya Blade looking ‘Queen’ as they take on missions in order to stop the evil CLAW gang and SAVE THE WORLD!

MK plays a lot like the metal slug series. It’s a side scrolling mayhem with guns that don’t run out of ammo.  It’s unapologetically goofy and does whatever it likes. You’re running around a jungle when little girls in giant drills burst out of the wall. Why? Why not? MK has crazy things happen because they are cool. And overcoming these crazy events makes you feel even cooler.

MK has a home base where you can prepare for missions and (here’s the best bit) customize your weapons. The weapon customization is massive; so far we’ve made crazy weapons such as a shotgun that shoots like a machine gun and a laser pistol with heavy machine gun ammo. You find parts to customize your guns in the field, usually off dead bad guys. And there are bosses that drop even better parts for even greater destructive power for your weapons. The customization is vast and great fun to toy around with, feeling like monster hunter meets metal slug!

The missions are tough. Not because of the games difficulty, although that does play its part, but it’s largely due to a lack of explanation. You’ll be dropped off in the jungle with the mission ‘save a hostage’ and that’s it. No map, no compass, and no idea of what to do. Some people may love this, because it harkens back to the days of Rambo on the NES, when you were given a mission and left to deal with it on your own. But a little nudge at the beginning of a mission would be nice.

The music gives the game another unique edge to the feel. These tunes match the game so well its mind blowing. It gives off the feeling of being inside an 80’s action game. The feeling we got when the music perfectly matched up with our movements made us feel like John McClane, Rambo and the dude from contra all in one.

Mercenary Kings only went into early access recently. Meaning that more and more content will be added to the game down the line. This means that Tribute can listen to the fans and add what the fans want.  Just recently they added cooking to the game, and before that, online multiplayer! The game is always expanding and getting better and better.

It’s safe to say. Mercenary Kings is awesome!


Mercenary Kings is available now on Steam’s early access program

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