How to get 3G on the PS Vita Wi-Fi model

Did you not want to pay more for the more expensive 3G model? Did you not want to pay for a data plan for the Vita? Well you can make your Vita, Wi-Fi model, do exactly what the 3G model does with the help of you mobile/cell phone and a feature called Wi-Fi tethering or portable Wi-Fi hotspot.  Here’s how you do it.

To demonstrate we’re using a HTC Wildfire S so the menu screens might be different on other phones, also every phone doesn’t have portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Step One:

Go to your ‘Wireless & network’ settings.

Step Two:

Select ‘Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings’.

Step Three:

Turn on portable Wi-Fi hotspot, set up a router name and password.

Step Four:

Now switch on your Vita and select the ‘Settings’ icon.

Step Five:

Select ‘Network’ from the menu.

Step Six:

Select ‘Wi-Fi settings’.

Step 7:

Click on Wi-Fi network you just set up and enter password.

That’s it! Your Vita will laych onto your phones 3G via Wi-Fi and now you have a fully 3G capable Vita.

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