Is Sony Reliving Vita mistakes with the upcoming PS4?

Yesterday Sony, after a month of hype, announced the new PS4 is coming this year! To many Sony fans, this is the biggest announcement of their gaming lives! Many are ready to be first in line at the Sony booth to try out the new PS4 this June at the Electronic Gaming Expo.

But what is it that everyone is missing? When news sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true. For example, the PlayStation Vita was going to be the second coming. An amazing launch line up, High powered specs, beautiful design, etc. But in the end the price of the System and accessories destroyed sales, and the games released after launch were lacking. Even a year later Sony is still trying to pick up the pieces and find out what they did wrong with the vita. At the recent Sony event, it was announced that the Vita would be able to stream PS4 games, in yet another late attempt to make the Vita look appealing to consumers. That is what the Vita has had to deal with because of its outrageous price!


Now we have the PS4 doing the same thing. What is the Sony motto? “It  only does everything”?  Blu-Ray, DVD, HDMI output support as well as Analog-AV out and an optical digital output. 8GB of GDDR5 memory! Which basically means it will be faster than your computer at home. By the way, it will be a match for you gaming PC when it comes to raw power as well. Add in PlayStation Move, PlayStation 4 Eye, the new touchscreen dual shock controller, possible 4k gaming, and other things that gaming geeks will drool over for years and you have a very expensive system.

ps4 controllerA brand new Xbox Kinect is currently selling at $89.99 retail. A PlayStation Move can be purchased for just $39.99 at present time. Just imagine what the updated PlayStation 4 eye is going to run you. Or what about the Controller that is basically a dumbed down Vita?


The PS4 is fine for the average Sony fanatic, but in the end they have to sell it to regular people as well. The same people who are perfectly fine spending money on Steam or other services like it. The same people who have almost destroyed the Vita because they are not willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money to purchase it. Fans have already shown us that their loyalty only goes so far. It ends at their pocket books. If Sony is not willing to take a mighty loss on the PS4, they are in big trouble.

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  1. That last paragraph says it all! It just so hard to find someone thinking properly about this matter, but in the end is just that easy, as long as they aren’t willing to sacrifice the price there’s no way they can make a big impact on the market.

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