Is the Hate for EA Justified?

EA is not exactly popular with people like us and it’s widely known among gamers to be unfriendly and unfair to consumers. But is all the hate they receive really justified?

Online passes, day 1 DLC, origin account requirement for games… these are all considered detrimental to the user experience and arguably to the industry as a whole, but they are good business, and that is what EA is – a business. They are doing nothing illegal and only trying to achieve their primary goal, which is to make money (it’s worth noting that they are making money from luxury goods, not from necessities or essential goods). If you don’t like the way they run their business, you can change that. We are the consumer and we have the power to change how EA achieves their primary goal.

There is just a proper and improper way we should go about doing so; we shouldn’t tank the user scores of their games, we shouldn’t harass and insult the men and women who run EA, we shouldn’t swear and become infuriated at Day 1 DLC. What we should do is something proactive, something that’ll actually send a message to EA and change the way their business is run. It’s simple, if you don’t like the way they run things, don’t buy their products!

Nobody is going to claim they are the prevailing representative of pro-consumer business or progress in our medium, they’ve undoubtedly supported some nasty turns the industry has taken this generation, but whilst far from exemplary, the level of flak they receive is just unreasonable, and frustrating because collectively we have the potential to change the way they run things for good.

If you don’t like, for example, day 1 DLC, don’t buy it. Encourage others to do the same and when sales start to drop, EA will need to rethink their strategy; this is when we, the consumers, tell them what we think is reasonable and what we will spend our money on. Same applies to Origin and the same applies to online passes. You don’t like them? That’s fine, tell them with your wallet. What we shouldn’t do is buy their product, buy their day 1 DLC and then sign some silly petition or write some rude words about them in a forum after giving them your money. This is not how things change, they don’t give 2 shits about your petition as long as they have your cash in their pocket.

So to conclude and answer the question in the title – is the hate for EA justified?

Not really. I mean God forbid a business wants to make money, right? If you want them to change, let them know with your wallet.

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  1. I actually do not think that it is. They are just trying to stay profitable like any other company today. Social media, facebook, mobile devices, etc are hurting everyone these days.

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