Jane’s Hotel review

Available on PC, IOS, NDS, PSP, PSV and PS3, review based on the PS3 version.

Jane’s one and only dream is to re-open the family business that closed decades ago with the emigration of her family, she wants to create the best hotel ever. In the Hotel time-management game by Breakquest you play as Jane, and it’s your goal to fulfill her dream. You start off with a measly 2 star hotel, and as you progress through the 40 levels by making the targeted amount of money for each one you’ll work your way up to a luxurious 5 star hotel.

With each hotel comes 8 available upgrades that you’ll unlock by raising the popularity of your business, which can be done
by simply meeting your guest’s demands before a timer representing their patience runs out. These demands are generally any mundane task you’d expect to be done at a hotel, things like making cups of coffee and vacuuming rooms, but the fun and challenge is in the fast and frantic manner that you attend to each and every one of your guest’s needs, and raking in the large tips for good service is satisfying to no end. The gameplay is complemented by simple but charming presentation and art-style, and a jolly if somewhat generic soundtrack.

While the game is enjoyable to start with, the upgrades don’t add any new gameplay options, they only give your guests new things to do and in turn Jane more tasks to complete, and with only cosmetic upgrades available gameplay starts to feel repetitive within half an hour, and becomes boring and frustrating in an hour or so.

In Jane’s Hotel there is fun to be had, but it’s very short lived as the repetitive nature of its gameplay kills its longevity.





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