Leatharian Studios Interview: “We strive to deliver near AAA quality and half AAA prices”

Leatharian Studios is a passionate studio that prides itself on trying to get us story driven, cinematic, AAA quality games that won’t hurt the wallet. We delve into the mind of Millan Singh to prize out his thoughts on his studio and upcoming game, Wake Up Call.

GC: Hi Millan, can you tell us a little about Leatharian Studios?

MS: Leatharian Studios was founded in June 2011.  Initially it was just me writing ideas down for a story and prototyping some gameplay ideas, but, it wouldn’t be long before Leatharian Studios grew up.  I soon gathered some concept artists from various online forums that liked the basic concept of our first game, Wake Up Call, and wanted to help bring it to life.  Fast forward to now, and the team is at just over 20 people working hard on Wake Up Call.  We focus on story and immersion in our games, and we always strive to deliver near AAA quality and half AAA prices (or less).


GC: As the head of the studio, how do you like to run your team?

MS: I personally would not like to be managed by a controlling boss, so I avoid that as much as I can.  I also love to get feedback from my team members, no matter how long they have been on the team, and I like to gather feedback from our fans and community as well.  I feel that having the most feedback possible helps me make better games because I don’t get stuck on my own ideas.  You can ask any of the team, and they would tell you that I love to know what they think and that I try to incorporate as many ideas as I can into our games.


GC: In terms of development, do you have any plans for the studio in the future?

MS: I do have plans for the future, but I am not so worried about them right now.  At the moment, I am only focusing on Wake Up Call.


GC: Wake Up Call is the first game from your studio, how would you describe your game?

MS: Wake Up Call is a cinematic, single-player sci-fi first-person action game.  The game is focused on a compelling narrative while using a sandbox approach to gameplay that pulls the player into the game.  Wake Up Call is all about immersion, and the gameplay and story is designed to maximize that.  The player plays as Kyle Rogers, an ex-Spec-Ops soldier who has been awoken from a very long cryostasis sleep by a young human woman, named Tori.  In his sleep, the world has gone to hell and back.  It is recovering from years of war and torment after a mysterious disease pushed the world into apocalypse.  Kyle has amnesia but soon learns that he is the key for the survival of the human species, and that he is supposed to open a massive underground Cryostation which holds thousands of humans that can re-populate the world.


GC: What is your aim while developing the game?

MS: Well, seeing as how this is our first title, our main aim is to get the game into as many people’s hands as possible, and to get a lot of feedback that we can use to move forward.  But we also want to set a standard for value of our titles; we want to have AAA quality at half the price or lower.  As for the game itself, our aims are mostly revolving around a well-rounded narrative with developed characters and several twists and turns.  We don’t want to make a straight linear experience either, but rather build our games with a sandbox focus, similar to Crysis or the recent Splinter Cell Conviction.  And of course, there will be many moments of cinematic beauty as well – vast vistas, intricate set-pieces, and explosive action.


GC: When can we expect to see the final version of the game?

MS: We are hoping for a release in 2014, but right now it is too soon to know for sure.


GC: When the game goes on sale, what are your expectations for the game?

MS: I think it will be well-received, or at least I hope it will.  We are putting a lot of time into this and I have no doubts that it will have a very high quality level.  As for sales expectations, I don’t know, and I am really more interested in making sure that people who get it love it.


GC: Do you have any future projects in the works?

MS: Nothing past the ‘ideas on a paper’ stage, but my Writer and I are in the early idea stages of something.  We are, for the most part, focusing all on Wake Up Call however.


GC: Can you give us any info on it?

MS: Why did you even ask?  Just kidding, but we seriously can’t say anything about it.  Details on Wake Up Call are fairly limited right now as it stands.

GC: Thank you for your time Millan.


If you like the idea of Wake Up Call, you can help it’s development by spreading the word and joining their Facebook page. Head over to their blog to check out more info and development news on the game.

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