New Playstation 4 details from GDC

Sony shared new details on PlayStation 4 during a developer overview session at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, but first we want to give you some informations from an interview.

• The Playstation 4 will read CDs, not audio CDs though. No background information was given on the reasons behind this.
• Lots of PS4 games are supposed to work on the Vita, like showed at the PS4 event in February. However, not the move controlled games though.
• Sony will use BSD as the OS. BSD is one of the Unix OS systems.
• Games won’t be playable in 4K, only Full HD. The reason is that 4K needs too much bandwidth, but you can have the Playstation menu in 4K.
• Not all features presented at the February show will be available from start, there was no hint on which features will be in or not though.

Now, on to the GDC event:

Sony is targeting the PlayStation 4 to be the central device in the living room and are building the system around core gamers which is its primary audience.

ps4 controller

According to Sony, the PlayStation 4 controller buttons are going back to digital over analog because no one used them on PlayStation 3.

The touchpad on the controller will have a resolution of 1920×900, and will click when pushed down.

The light bar on the back of the controller can act as indicators for different players. Player one would be blue, two red, three green, and four pink, just like the PlayStation symbol colors. It could also indicate things in-game, like when your health bar is low.

Unlike the DualShock 3 and PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to charge the PlayStation 4 controller when the system is in standby.

The PlayStation 4 Eye camera will enhance the PS4 user experience with high-sensitivity dual color cameras at 1280×800 resolution, 12 bits per pixel, and 60Hz.

PlayStation 4 will have a dedicated port for the camera, which is an exclusive Sony-developed connector. That means you won’t be able to plug it into your PC.

Suggested uses for the camera include walkthrough videos, killcam taunting, system login, and speech recognition. Or, the camera can see each player’s controller, and move split-screens according to each person’s location in the room.


The interface of the Playstation 4 is meant to give players a glance of information without having to load a game. You’ll be able to see what new add-ons are out, what friends are saying about said game, etc.

Every PlayStation Network user on PlayStation 4 will have two identities: their real name and picture, and their PlayStation Network ID and avatar. The player can toggle whether others see their real name. If imported through Facebook, your real name will automatically show but this can be modified.

Additionally, Sony dropped the friends limitation for the PS4.

There was more information like how the share button is integrated in development, which means the developers won’t have to program it, it’s already in there and a new app for mobile to buy games on the go.

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