Next Car Game: Publishers ‘They don’t get it’

Bugbear Entertainment is cooking up one hell of a racing game and we can’t wait to get our teeth into a chunk of carnage pie.

Project “Next Car Game” is being made by the guys who are most famous for the Flatout franchise. NCG will continue to tap in the same Destruction Derby vein that made Flatout a great, fun and destructive game. Destruction Derby was never really successful on PS2 with a change of direction to a more slapstick and cartoon versions of its predecessors. Bugbear picked up the dropped torch and ran with it.

At the heart of the game is the ROMU engine, created in-house, to make cars crumple and disintegrate like you would expect. In reality cars are fragile little things and the game really shows this with impacts easily creasing panels and chassis while huge head collisions will crush the front end of the car and writing it off. While the Burnouts might scream “Look at me” with it gorgeous looking crashes, NCG crashes seem more real, down to earth and has more soul.

Next Car Game 002

What’s special about Bugbear Entertainment and NCG is that they are so driven to making the game that they want and what we want. So much so they’ve completely ignored publishers and decide to go it alone. Joonas Laackso, Producer at Bugbear Entertainment, remains defiant against publishers because they want to change the game to “appeal to the masses”. He feels that the publishers “don’t get it” and we are inclined to agree because the game looks awesome.

The guys over at Bugbear will probably want to kick us with the constant comparison to Destruction Derby but it’s a testament to what they have achieved. Destruction Derby is an icon in gaming, if they can make a game that DD should have been now, then they have been hugely successful. We feel that they’ve carried the DD torch for a while and now they can really step it up with the realistic damage system they now have. Hats off to them for skipping the publishers and making the game they want. Just check out Destruction Derby: Arenas which is probably a publisher’s attempt to get the DD to “appeal to the masses” and ultimately killed the franchise.

If you would like to see this game become a reality then pre-order it and be one of the first to get your hands on it.

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