Nintendo 2DS hands on

We’ve had a chance to have some hands on time with the new Nintendo 2DS. And…

Here’s the thing. For people who already have a 3DS, this machine means nothing to you. You can live life happily knowing you have the 3D experience. The new 2DS was built with children in mind, and not the hardcore players who are already Nintendo fans. It was made for a new generation to create a larger fan base.

Now that’s out of the way, what did we think on the machine itself?

The system feels strange. When holding it, the console feels quite plastic and reminded us of those old plastic water games that you would find. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the way that the console feels makes it seem very ‘child proof’. We bet that if you dropped it on the floor, the system would receive little to no damage. So that’s cool.

The fact there is no 3D isn’t really an issue for the 2DS. What should be an issue are the L and R buttons. They aren’t buttons anymore, now they’re little pads that, when pushed, don’t go in a lot. They feel stiff and sometimes hard to use. During our time with the system we played a few games, and using the L and R buttons felt unnecessarily difficult. Maybe that was just the model we got to see. But if it’s for all 2DS models, it’s an issue we think might annoy quite a few people.

While the top screen is now only in 2D. the bottom screen is still a touch screen and works very well. The new stylus that comes with the system is the best one yet; it’s very comfortable to hold and has a smooth end allowing for quick movements on the screen. The touch screen itself is placed slightly facing downward and looks a little strange at first, but it’s done so that you focus more on the top screen, and that works well. Often we forgot that the bottom screen was there because we were so involved in the game.

In the end that’s what it comes down too. It’s still a fun system that can envelop players into new worlds. It’s a way of presenting and sharing fantastic games at a low price. Not to mention, it launches the same day as Pokémon X & Y. So it’s the perfect Pokémon machine.

We don’t know what will come of the 2DS, but if Nintendo want to share their games with more people, why should we want to stop them? Let them share the fun with the world.

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