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Gaming Capacity is looking for people to join our contributing team. If you have a good knowledge about gaming and have good writing skills, then we want to hear from you. You must be able to write reviews, opinion pieces and/or cover the latest news. We are looking for writers for every platform, so if you want to contribute to one, two or more, it’s up to you. The platforms that we cover are PS3, Xbox 360, PC/Mac, Mobile, PS Vita, 3DS and Wii U. Don’t worry if you lack experience, you can get that as you go. Our team are friendly, helpful and experienced.


Web Developer:

We are looking for a web developer that can help design and mold the GC website and improve its performance. Knowing your way around WordPress and be a dab hand at Photoshop (or similar programme) is required. You must have experience designing websites previously and a passion for gaming. Previous HTML and YouTube expierence would be beneficial.


Copy Editor:

Experienced games writer sought to help us push out the best quality content we can. Must have excellent writing skills, an eye for detail and a passion for games.


YouTube Video Editor:

Gaming Capacity is looking to build up a library of quality videos for its YouTube channel with original videos that are related to gaming. The types of videos that we are looking for are: Gaming guides and walkthroughs; game reviews; fan-made video, funny or serious; basically anything about gaming. If you already have a channel and would like to share videos with us for increased exposure, we would be more than happy to partner up with you and your channel.


Social Networking Expert:

Social networking is important to us to create and communicate to a fan base. We are looking for someone that has good experience with social networking and how to build up a fan base. The person must be able to keep our social networks active on a daily basis, build up a fan base and run competitions using our social networks.

All the positions at GC are currently done for the love of gaming and non-paying. We do supply you with games and hardware to review and even though we currently don’t pay, this is a great opportunity to get noticed in the gaming industry and possible move on to bigger things, either with another gaming publication or with us. We have major plans and if you decide to join the GC team, then great. All we ask is that you always continue to love gaming , enjoy the ride and share our passion and desire to be No.1.

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