POP! goes Ubisoft

It has recently been announced that the Prince of Persia series will be put on hold. While there isn’t mass disruption as a result from this decision Ubisoft has made, there are still some issues for long-time POP fans alike.

As we have said before, many would not concern themselves upon hearing this type of news even considering the last few oddball additions to the series. Regardless, the POP games have become notorious for its solid and simple gameplay and monumental story alone.

Could this be a bigger step for the greater good, or will it be our last remnant of what we know as the prince and Farah?


If Ubisoft happens to keep the series on hold they could obviously do one of two things, or both. One option being is to let the dust settle and re-think their direction for a next gen comeback. The second option is to give the series up and let it end on the note they did with The Forgotten Sands. While the first option could be promising and just as equally detrimental, such a situation with leverage to end a series so simply is scary for some. Maybe this hope filled intermission is needed for Ubisoft to take a step away from the series and come back stronger than ever preventing them from making another two-thousand and eight Prince of Persia. Do you believe Ubisoft to be trustworthy of coming back strong if at all? One can only hope but until then you can find us comforting ourselves in warrior within.

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