PS4 announcement predictions

PlayStation 4, news has gone into overdrive with the more than likely announcement, rumours started from a trailer released by Sony, of its existence on the 20th February. With our past articles of ‘What to expect’ and more recently why it could be announced with AAA titles, what exactly could announce about the PS4 on the 20th (if it’s a PS4 announcement).


There should be a few games to show off the capabilities of the PS4. Our guess is that Killzone 4, Uncharted 4 and some form of a Gran Turismo could make an appearance. We know that Guerilla Games have been keeping something under wraps and being a graphical power-house, this will be prime suspect to show off exactly what the PS4 is capable of. One half of Naughty Dog (the team not working on The Last of Us) and Polyphony Digital have also been a little quiet so we wouldn’t rule them out of giving us a next gen glimpse of Uncharted and Gran Turismo. These 2 games are also major graphical power-houses so all 3 games together could see a lot of minds blown.


Games could stick to the Blu-Ray format and more than likely still only use dual layer. The disk read speed will improve significantly so games will not need to be padded with duplicate data to improve load times. This will give developers more of the 50GB disk space and should be plenty for one game for the foreseeable future.

No future for the cell

The cell, or an advanced version, will not be used in the PS4. Sony will take a more developer friendly approach this gen with the architecture more PC based. This will make the PS4 easier to be developed on and porting games much easier which means no more inferior ports. The Vita was made to be more developer friendly and we fully expect the PS4 to follow suit.

No Backwards compatibility

With the cell not being used in the PS4, don’t expect to be playing you back catalogue of PS3 disks on it. Sony won’t add the Cell for backward compatibility because if will hike up the cost of the console. Similar reason to why the PS2’s Emotion chip was removed from the PS3 because of cost issues. Even now the PS3 production costs have been dramatically reduced, the Emotion chip was never re-added.

1080p 60fps

Any idea of a 4k resolution being capable on the PS4 should be nipped in the bud. High end PC’s can just about run at 1080p at 60fps so it’s very unlikely that games will come anywhere near 4k. There’s also very little indication that 4k will become the new standard anytime soon. PS4 games will stick to 1080p and run up to 60fps.

The circle of life

playstation-vitaThe PS4 will be designed with the Vita in mind. PSP and PS3 had a quick fling but it didn’t really work out. PSP was designed for the PS3 and the PS3 wasn’t designed for the PSP so it wasn’t a match made in heaven. The Vita and PS4 are both designed to be the couple. The Vita has had a few test runs with the PS3 but expect to see the bigger plan Sony have for the PS4.

The Dualshock 4

The Dualshock should see a major redesign. See our article on the rumoured Dualshock 4 here.

Don’t forget to check out all the details on Sony’s big event on the 20th of February right here at

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  1. I’m predicting that the ‘event’ will be solely based around the new controller. The Dual Shock 4. That’s it. It will work with current PS3s and future PS4s.

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