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You don’t have to fork out loads of hard-earned cash to get a decent gaming experience. In fact you can get some nice little gems from the PlayStation store for a fraction of the cost. We did the hard work for you and cherry picked the finest games that we will thrust upon you and your gaming needs, that won’t hurt your wallet.

£12/$15 Bundles

Let’s go retro

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 1 | £3.69/$4.99sonic_classic
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | £3.69/$4.99
  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World | £3.69/$4.99

Total: £11.07/$14.97

Get a blast from the past with 3 (still playable) games from 80’s and early 90’s. This is 2D platforming at its finest. The little blue spike ball still is an iconic character today, even after the barrage of mediocre 3D efforts that followed.

For the creators

  • Crazy Machine Elements | £3.99/$4.99
  • Planet Minigolf | £6.49/$9.99
  • Total: £10.48/$14.98

These games aren’t perfect, far from it, but they ooze creativity. With Crazy Machines you can go wild and create some crazy contraptions to solve puzzles while in Planet Minigolf you can create your own golf course and even try out other people’s efforts.

£20/$30 Bundle

Hours of Play

  • LittleBigPlanet 2 | £10.99/$19.99
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution £7.99/$9.99
  • Total: £18.98/$29.98

You could easily get hundreds of hours of play out of these games. LittleBigPlanet gives you some quite powerful tools to create your own levels. Delve into it far enough and you can create some outstandingly polished levels that are on par with what an experienced game developer could create. Deus Ex is a RPG/Action game with an engaging story and lots of side missions. Your body is the weapon and how you tune it is entirely up to you.

£40/$60 Bundles

Something different

  • Journey | £9.99/$14.99journey_screen1
  • The Unfinished Swan | £9.99/$14.99
  • Braid | £7.99/$14.99
  • Limbo | £9.99/$14.99

Total: £37.96/$59.96

Want a change of pace or wind down after a few hour of frantic gunplay? A new and different experience? No – Move on! Yes – Read on! All 4 have unique elements that you will not find on other games from Braid’s genuinely tricky puzzles where you have to strain every bit of grey matter juice from your think box to Journey’s pleasant stroll through a simple but profound world.

Stealth Classics

MGS3 may be too cutscene for many but without the movie-like cutscenes you can’t set the highly emotional and rich story that is the backbone for every MGS game. On the opposite end you have Hitman games which are some of the very few games that lets you feel like you control the game instead of the game controlling you. The stories might feel sterile but the control you have is like non-other.

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