Price wars: PSN vs Amazon

The GC Spotlight turns its ever invading beam to the direction of Sony’s PSN store. Can the PSN store beat the largest online retailer, Amazon, when it comes to game prices?

View the list of all the prices here.

The first thing that struck us is some ridiculously priced games from both Amazon and PSN but more notably on the PSN, £57.99 for SSX anybody? In fact most new(ish) games on the PSN were priced around the £60 mark. A few odd prices on Amazon saw Siren Blood Curse priced for £42 while on PSN it sells for £11 and WipEout selling for £62 while PSN sells it for 10.99.

When you compare all game prices, out of the 136 games compared 32 games were cheaper on PSN while 103 were cheaper on Amazon. When you compare the average prices, the PSN came out bottom again. The average game on PSN sells for £24.50 while on Amazon it’s a lot cheaper at £18.66.

When it comes to new game you might want to avoid PSN totally. Older games are more competitively priced on PSN and you might even find yourself saving a few quid. The one saving grace about PSN, although we wouldn’t advise it, is that you can share games with another person. So effectively you could be buying 2 copies for the price of one.

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