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Once known to be the king of First Person Shooter, id software released its new IP  on October 6, 2011. Recent games such as Fallout and Borderlands are direct comparison Rage as they’re all post apocalypse. So does this new IP manage to make itself king of the wasteland, or does it only just manage to survive?


The story of rage sees you play as the ‘Ark Survivor’, who emerges in the year 2135, after being put into a stasis inside an underground shelter called the Ark. You, along with many others, were sealed away to preserve the human population with the intent of rebuilding a new civiliization. The world you awaken to is not the world that you’d expected, many of your sleeping comrades are dead, the world is barren wasteland with only a few pockets of settlements. The authority are after you, why? It seems you have superhuman abilities and you’d be useful to them. You join an anti-authority group, and you intend to take the fight back to them.


Unfortunately, as soon as the story starts become interesting, it seems you’ve already reached its conclusion, with a major premature ending. It seems as though id Software built the game with the intent of creating sequels, however, as a stand alone title, the story isn’t strong enough to support itself as it starts off slowly, and then when it finally introduces elements which makes you begin to care about the world around you, the game finishes. Characters are uninteresting and don’t develop and you’ll only ever meet NPCs who don’t seem to do anything. It really makes it hard to care.


Rage though is primarily a shooter, and id Software know how to make a shooter, wow! This game runs at a super smooth frame rate, your characters movement feel fluid, fast but  not unrealistic and the enemies, just wow The environments are more cramped than most nowadays and it seems they’ve gone for the corridor shooter approach, but this plays well into id Softwares strengths. They’ve created some stunning environments which they enemies can take advantage of. Are you bored of enemies who just run towards you in straight lines? Enemies in rage will vault, jump of walls, climbing on ceilings, dodge left, right, and try to avoid being shot! They are quick and ferocious. 


Weapons have a good sense of weight to them, shoot an enemy in the chest with a shotgun and they’ll back flip backwards due to the impact, and limp towards you again, they don’t give up! The animation is incredible and you feel like every hit you make on them, it hurts them. Your arsenal though filled out the standard arsenal, a shot gun, AK47, pistol, sniper rifle, etc. All of them pack a punch and most have an alternative mode of fire which is great for taking down armoured foes. Rage is a game which makes you think about what weapons to use in a given situation along with whether or not to us your alternative ammo, which can be rare, but this manages to keep you on your toes and on edge. The gunplay, whilst is nothing revolutionary, is damn good! Eventually you’ll get extra equipment like turrets, sentry bots or mind controlling bolts. These turn out to be incredible useful as you’ll need allies to watch your back as the enemies can come from any possible angle.


Between shooting sections, you’ll roam around in small towns where you can stock up on ammo, buy new equipment, play cards, race, play zombie survival before receiving your next quest. Though the towns are pretty, there’s very little to do in the towns actually, and they feel just like pretty skins and filler sections. Between towns, and missions, you drive to the objective in your buggy or car, which is surprisingly fun. it feels fast, responsive and floaty. You’ll drive to the next objective avoiding or killing other bandits who are after you, or you can smash hidden objects.


The driving section actually extends the multiplayer, which may seem like a strange decision from an FPS game, but it turns out to be good fun. You’ll play rally where you the objective is to beat your competitors to the checkpoints, whilst trying to survive being bombarded with rockets or avoiding machine gun fire.


Now, we don’t think that i need to say that Rage looks stupidly good! Really, its impossible to place this game without being blown away by the high resolution textures, the style, the ambience, the animation, graphics are stunning. The sound is creepy and fulfilling, it hits the mark, and you’ll be on your toes. Voice actors do a great job of brining their character to life…if only for the animation of these characters were better. So much effort has gone into the enemies and the facial animation of these actors, but it seems they’re just talking heads on static bodies. Unfortunately, it seems that on the ps3 version of the game that we’ve played there seem to be some streaming issues with the textures. Once they textures have loaded up, if you turn away and look back, the textures seems to need to reload themselves again.


Overall, Rage will take around 12 hours to play, its enjoyable and you’ll really enjoy the shooting mechanics. It’s a completely different game to borderlands and fallout. Whilst the story falls flat on its face, the shooting mechanics and the graphics will keep you engaged over the weekend. Rage is a good basis for id Software to build upon and if they can step things up for Rage 2, we cant wait to get our hands on it.




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