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A development team called Plastic Piranha is in the process of making Rekoil, a game with an uncanny potential for a balanced multiplayer experience and in control of all things custom. To those who enjoy mods, are fps fans, or love a game that goes back to what fps’s used to be before night vision or heartbeat sensors, this just might tickle your fancy.

Rekoil focuses on letting the player play how they wish, with the possibility of mods or no mods. Not only this, but gameplay supports the fast trigger finger player or a nit picking gamer. With many fps games of today drifting from what original and down to earth games were of yester-year, the developers at Plastic Piranha are creating that experience with a sturdy foundation of simplicity of its own.

Instead of beating around the bush of the games realistic potential like many popular games of today, Rekoil shows that fact upfront. By giving the player the choice to mod almost anything from maps, to players, and anything that will suit any type of players needs is what they aim to bring to the table.

Graphics are still in development but resemble a unique look and feel to the game and its characters. Even though they aren’t breath taking, it is obvious that the makers of Rekoil know its not the graphics that matter, it’s the gameplay.

The developers at Plastic Piranha show their noble stripes by really listening to a good chunk of the gaming community as they want to do more than push out a COD replica. More along the lines of creating their own place in gaming today they, may take the audience by surprise even through the successful yet questioning hype of other titles.

Single player may be supported though the brief synopsis of the background is “Rekoil is a multiplayer first person shooter in which the downtrodden “Minutemen” are pitted against their oppressors, Darkwater Inc, in a world where the only goal is to survive the unrelenting pandemic that has swept across the globe.” Either way the multiplayer is really where this game will shine.

Rekoil will have enough to fill everyone’s cup with content. So far the five classes Assault, Recon, Shotgunner, Heavy Gunner, and Sniper are available. Upon launch there will be 10 customizable maps, 40+ weapons, ten game types, and of course, dedicated servers. Although there aren’t any destructible environments in the game so far, the features they are releasing really sell this as “The Minecraft of FPS’s” as Plastic Piranha’s CEO Jason Brice has stated at E3 2012.

The competitive potential Rekoil has is very promising with maps specifically designed for multiplayer gaming. With gameplay support for any style and craving you have through balanced roots, Rekoil aims to please a very wide audience. For the gamers who are sick of modern shooters with over complicated principles, or old school fps fans, this game is worth keeping an eye out for. There will be more coverage of the game and its flexible way to play including Steam and XBLA support. Additional info will be released on Rekoil and its potential to break new habits  so stay tuned.



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