Sleep Little Baby iOS Review

Sleep Little Baby, is a new indie game which appeared on the App Store late last week. The idea of the game is to protect the sleeping baby from ghosts, ghouls & other evil objects trying to wake the child. The game mechanics are simple, you simply swipe the enemies away from the baby. This is well implemented and very responsive. The game is aimed towards casual gamers who need something to do to pass the time.  There is no back story to the game so you don’t know why these monsters are attempting to disturb the child but it sure makes for fun gameplay.

IMG_0624The game is poorly explained when it comes to actually playing the game and what to do, it could really do with a help menu so you know which monsters you are to swipe away. For example, it gives a very brief description on the objective and how to defeat the enemies attempting to attack the child. Fortunately, it’s pretty obvious on what to do when defeating the monsters. The game allows you to have power ups which will help you defeat more monsters in later stages of the game, but to access these you must collect a certain amount of coins whilst playing the game. With these coins (collected in game) you also purchase new character skins and backgrounds from the “Customize” menu.

For all those achievement hunters out there it has very easy achievements for Game Center  which gives the game the feel of a XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) game. Another good thing is the load time, (this game was reviewed on a iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1) it’s very quick and responsive. However, the graphics on the other hand are very flash based. This is a good attempt for a first shot at development of a game for the iOS market.

Overall this game is good for the very relaxed gamer, looking to waste some time. For the more hard-core gamer, not so much, unless you’re after the achievements. Priced at 0.69p Sleep Little Baby is available on the App Store now.

Rating 3 Star

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