Sony’s teaser image is a new game from Insomniac
Playstation Reveal - Insomniac

Yesterday Sony teased us with an image titled “When Worlds Collide”. Turns out, it will be a game made by Insomniac.

Insomniac games have just put up a picture on their Twitter revealing more of the image with the words “Heroes Return” at the bottom.  They also state that there will be a big reveal tomorrow (July 11th) so we won’t have to wait long to find out exactly what it is.

With the words “Heroes Return” it suggests that it will be a sequel to an existing franchise like Rachet & Clank or Jak & Daxter.  “When World Collide, Heroes Return” could mean a sequel to PlayStation Move: Heroes which featured characters from multiple games.

Playstation Reveal - Insomniac 002

What game do you think it will be? Comment below.


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