Strike Suit Infinity review

Strike Suit Infinity is the sequel from Born Ready Games’ “Strike Suit Zero”. While the predecessor had story-driven missions, “Infinity” developers only kept what players liked and got rid of the rest.

The graphics in Infinity are beautiful. The detail on the planets, the stars, asteroids and ships all look really great. Graphics already looked great in the first game and still do. It looks like you’re in space, as much as one could envision anyways.Strike suit infinity

The gameplay is easy and simple to understand. You play against waves of enemies during 18 rounds. The higher the round the more enemies you will face adding to the difficulty of the game. At the end of each round you will be informed about the next round, for example which enemies you will have to kill. You can also choose which type of reinforcement you want for the next round by spending credits you earned by killing enemies. You have the choice between Interceptors, Fighters, Bombers, Frigate, Cruiser and Carrier. Of course you can also choose which type of weapon you would like on your ship. You can save your credits for the next round, allowing you to spend more on allies and create epic battles.

Born Ready Games didn’t feel the need to change much to the sounds in Infinity. The score has been remixed, but it is still the same as in Zero. The sounds get the job done but unfortunately they leave lackluster impressions.SSI01

While you have lots of control possibilities in the game, like using mouse/keyboard, game-pad or even a joystick, this game is no simulator so don’t expect wonders. It’s your typical arcade space shooter, and this might be the big problem in this game. While you have leaderboards and can see how well your friends did, it’s always the same. The re-playability is only there if you are someone who likes to compete and achieve high-scores as there is nothing special to experience in the game.

This game would be great on mobile or portable for short game sessions but is not a game you play forever, maybe just a few hours.Rating 7

To be fair, you get a very good looking arcade space shooter for $7, this is great value for the price. If you need a game for in between, this is it.



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