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Conception II Review

Words by Milo Fisher Conception II is unapologetically unoriginal. It’s sexist, unimaginative, bland and repetitive. But for some reason, I…

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 review

Luffy and his rag tag band of Straw Hat pirates are back once again with their second PS3 outing. And…

Payday 2 Review

Payday 2 is the newest game from Overkill studios. It’s a fast paced, action packed co op heist game, and…

Dark Souls 2 release date announced? Well according to this E3 poster

It looks like the release window of Dark Souls 2 might have been spoiled early by a massive poster of…

Disgaea 2 out on PSN dood!

Disgaea 2 is out on the PSN store. But what exactly is Disgaea?

Dead Space 3 Review

If you are new to the dead series you have definitely been missing out on the past installments. If you…

Killzone gets the trilogy treatment
Killzone Triology Cover

Who wants a super-dooper, mega-awesome Killzone trilogy bundle? Well you might just be in luck.