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Sony double its annual profit forecast to $403

It seems the only way is up for Sony, after years of losing money they are now on a more…

GC’s worst and most disappointing games of 2012

GC takes a look back over 2012 and sifts out the rotten and disappointing games to be brought to the…

2013 – PS Vita’s last hope

2012 was a rough year for the PS Vita. Though it launched in the west to acceptable sales with a…

List of titles to look forward to

Here is a list of top games you will want to keep an eye out for until the beginning of…

Summer Stars 2012 review

There’s nothing better than getting a few friends around to mash a few buttons to move an athlete 100 meters…

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Preview

Pro Evolution Soccer had a very tough transition from last gen to this. It’s spent several years in FIFA’s shadow…

Sony E3 Conference

E3 has finally arrived.  Did Sony live up to the hype?  Find out here