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Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks Review


Words by Milo Fisher

Inazuma Eleven made its name on the original DS back when the system started out, and with the latest game in this sport RPG series being released on the new 3DS, how does it fair?

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review


The third in the long running series of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games has arrived in the west. Can it surpass previous games and become the best Naruto game to date?

Disgaea 2 out on PSN dood!


Disgaea 2 is out on the PSN store. But what exactly is Disgaea?

Dead Space 3 Review


If you are new to the dead series you have definitely been missing out on the past installments. If you aren’t new then you know exactly what we are talking about. It goes to show that most of us can agree that the DS series is not an experience to be missed out on, but what about the newly released Dead Space 3? How well does DS3 break the surface considering its reputation?

Dead Space 3 demo preview


Dead Space 3 is coming out next month, but we here at Gaming Capacity were lucky enough to play the demo beforehand. So how does this game compare to its predecessors?

Assassin’s Creed III Liberation gets story trailer


PS Vita is in serious need of a system seller or “killer app”, could ACIII Liberation be just what it needs?

Killzone gets the trilogy treatment

Killzone Triology Cover

Who wants a super-dooper, mega-awesome Killzone trilogy bundle? Well you might just be in luck.

5 things Nextbox needs to win next gen


While the first Xbox achieved less than respectable sales, Microsoft out-did themselves in almost every way with the xbox 360, taking a massive leap in market share, innovating tremendously in the online space and becoming yet another brand synonymous with gaming (and making Microsoft billions in the process). The 360 is currently neck and neck in sales with PS3, and won’t catch up to the Wii, so while this generation has been very successful for Xbox, potentially Xbox could be much bigger. Here are some things we think the next Xbox needs to meet that potential: