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Gran Turismo 6 revealed, 1,200 cars, 33 locations and PS4 version a possibility

GT6 27

Gran Turismo 6 was revealed at its 15th anniversary event and since then a megaton of info has been divulged about it. We have all the info in one place and raring GT fans will not be disappointed. Not only do we have details of the game, we have screenshots, video of it in action and info on the possibilities of it being on PS4.

Xbox’s ‘Durango’ to support 6 person multiplayer?


There has been a collection of rumors going around lately about the specifications for the new Xbox (code-named ‘Durango’) including it’s built in Kinect ability. As we all know Kinect was Microsoft’s answer to the Wii’s ‘WiiMotes’ and Sony’s ‘Move’. The Kinect however took it’s rightful place at the top of the competition.