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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Demo Impressions

5364_JBA ASB Logo

Words by Milo Fisher

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of my favourite anime out there. It has whacky characters, bombastic battles, manly posing, and a whole lot of people shouting “JOJO!” and “DIO!” at the top of their lungs. It’s bizarre, and it’s wonderful. So when word came about that the fighting game was coming to the west, I was overjoyed with the thought that more people would experience the sheer joy from the game that I felt watching the anime. After playing a good few hours of the new demo that was just released, all I can say is that I want this game more than ever.

Bravely Default Review


Think back to the days of old, when Final Fantasy was the most ambitious and well crafted RPG of the generation. Those games were incredible.  Well Bravely Default has appeared to take us back to that time and show us just why RPG’s are so magical.

Nintendo announces the 2DS


No. this isn’t a joke. The Nintendo 2DS is a real thing.

PS3’s 4.45 firmware updates bricks consoles

PS3 system update

Sony has just recently rolled out the latest FW update with reports that gamers that have downloaded the update will be treated with bricked consoles. Within minutes of the update going up there were reports of frustrated gamers on Twitter and the PS Forums or their console freezing on them after they update.

Diablo III hits consoles on September 3rd

Diablo III

Blizzard has just announced that Diablo III, the continuation of the hack-n-slash RPG saga, is finally making its debut on consoles. Launching September 3rd for PS3 and Xbox 360, gamers can expect a custom-tailored version designed for d-pad interaction.

Placeholder pricing: Why it shouldn’t sway you


Following the next-gen console reveals, dozens of sites put out placeholder prices on their site for reserve pages,  allowing customers to view their page and entice them to pre-order with their company. With the fiasco of the pricing issue the PS3 had at launch, you can be sure that Sony will be pricing it’s newest console to coincide with Microsoft’s. Unfortunately people took one look at those prices and ran for the hills. Here’s why basing your purchase on a placeholder is a bad idea.

New Consoles Are Coming, What Does It Mean For PC Gamers?


New Consoles

New consoles are being released by Sony and Microsoft in November if we can trust the rumors. Sony will launch the Playstation 4 and Microsoft, the next Xbox which has not been revealed yet.

Diablo 3 on Console is the version fans waited for.

Diablo III Logo

Diablo 3 is coming to consoles as announced on the Sony press conference on February 20th. Blizzard finally showed some footage at Pax East last week-end and everyone was amazed how much better this version is compared to the PC one released last year.

Unofficial Steambox from Xi3 Corporation


Xi3 Corporation announced it will begin accepting pre-orders for its PISTON™ Console (PC)

Wii U price cut vs More Wii U games

wii u

In March of 2011, Nintendo released the 3DS handheld system. The price was 249.99 USD. That price point, which certainly was astronomical, did not last more than six months before Nintendo took nearly 80 dollars off the price.