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“Durango” won’t require internet connection to function

Xbox 720 blue

For months, even years, the gaming community has been apprehensive about each new console that debuts. The rumors about a console needing to be permanently connected to the net have been circulating gaming and tech sites for the past year. A new Microsoft inter-department email obtained by ars technica looks to finally be putting the “always online” rumor to rest.

New Consoles Are Coming, What Does It Mean For PC Gamers?


New Consoles

New consoles are being released by Sony and Microsoft in November if we can trust the rumors. Sony will launch the Playstation 4 and Microsoft, the next Xbox which has not been revealed yet.

Xbox’s ‘Durango’ to support 6 person multiplayer?


There has been a collection of rumors going around lately about the specifications for the new Xbox (code-named ‘Durango’) including it’s built in Kinect ability. As we all know Kinect was Microsoft’s answer to the Wii’s ‘WiiMotes’ and Sony’s ‘Move’. The Kinect however took it’s rightful place at the top of the competition.