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EA cuts online passes for existing games


Recently, EA stated that they would be discontinuing their online pass programs, much to the relief of gamers. Now, they are taking it one step further by eliminating online passes from their existing games as well.

EA to “discontinue” online passes


One of the most controversial issues in online gaming is the requirement of online passes from certain companies. The idea is that gamers who purchase a new title will be given an online pass, while used buyers are required to purchase one before being allowed to play online. This was a push to promote sales of new games rather than waiting for a cheaper, used price. Publishers don’t receive any money from a used title so to make up for that lack of cash coming in, online passes were setup. One large company, Electronic Arts, is abandoning this practice.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer BioWare have confirmed they will be showing Dragon Age 3: Inquisition at E3 next month. The role-playing game has been in development for some time and the makers appeared at numerous trade shows;  mainly in order to get some feedback from fans for use in the development.

“The Sims 4″ is coming in 2014

The most successful PC game franchise of all time continues!
“The Sims 4″ should be released in 2014 for PC and Mac. Developer Electronic Arts emphasized the game will offer a classic “single-player offline experience” unlike the latest Sim City.

EA’s angry about being semi-finalists in ‘Worst Company in America’ poll


EA’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Moore, blasted the reasons for being semi-finalists in an annual web poll for ‘Worst Company in America’.

First Glimpse at Battlefield 4


There are games announced with a 15 seconds teaser and then there is Battlefield 4. EA and DICE come clean and show 17 minutes of video, officially announcing the game for this fall. Named Fishing in Baku, this teaser gives us a first glimpse at the human, dramatic and believable Battlefield 4 campaign.

First Battlefield 4 images revealed and new trailers

Battlefield 4 2

Battlefield fans have been waiting for some major news and info on number 4. It’s fair to say that even the most up-to-date Battlefield fan will have very little to tell and that could remain that way until the 27th March. On the 27th DICE will release the first glimpse of gameplay but for the time being, they have release a few images and two trailers.

Command & Conquer – Pay2Win?


Electronic Arts talked about its free-to-play game, Command & Conquer. If we are to believe John van Caneghem, Lead Designer, all factions, units, maps and game modes will be available for all players from the beginning.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 preview


When you think of golfing, Tiger Woods naturally comes to mind. Tiger Woods single handedly made golf cool and with it also made golf games cool. This ancient franchise has been around since the late nineties and has had yearly releases since.

Origin for Mac now available but what next?


Origin today released a 66mb update to their Origin client for OSX after last week announcing that Origin would indeed be coming to OSX after a successful Alpha period of only two weeks. So what does the new update bring us? Well it now brings us the entirety of Origins back catalogue of Mac compatible games which currently isn’t huge but it’s a start. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any other major feature to write home about, just yet. A nice surprise though was to see the hugely successful Batman Arkham series which had been successfully ported by Feral Interactive. The only snagging point on this was the pricing for the games at £19.99 for Arkham Asylum and £29.99 for Arkham City considering currently on Steam in PC format for £9.99 and £19.99 respectively. Another case of Mac user’s having their pants pulled down? Surely with Origin coming to a new platform it would learn from what Steam does and offer us content at a fair price. It’s bad enough we generally have to wait well over 12 months for a port anyway.

Dead Space! To play or not to play


So I’ve spent far to much time just sitting on couch with the January blues since Christmas, which was horrendous (don’t ask). I was scuttling through my game collection looking for something new to play and Dead Space 1 & 2 keep looking at me but I always pass up. WHY, you ask?

GC’s Hot Topics: Online passes, used games, and piracy


Every week the editors at GamingCapacity sit down to debate some of the hottest topics in video games, from the industry defining to the minutiae, anything in gaming is up for discussion. This week, we talk about Online Passes, Used Games, and Piracy.

Is the Hate for EA Justified?


EA is not exactly popular with people like us and it’s widely known among gamers to be unfriendly and unfair to consumers. But is all the hate they receive really justified?