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Will Blizzard surprise us at Pax East?

Blizzard logo

Blizzard announced we will see something new.

5 Wii U games that we really want

wii U for capacity



The Wii U launch is drawing near.

Nintendo has already given us many, many reasons to be excited about its upcoming Console. But gamers can always hope and dream of more. Below we have five games that are a must for the Nintendo Wii U.

Wii U to launch powerful assault on the world this Christmas



Today Nintendo finally brought gamers what they have been looking for for almost two years now.   During their Conference in  New York, Nintendo announced everything we have been waiting to hear about since E3 earlier this year.

Nostalgia blindness is causing bad reboots



Nostalgia is great. The sounds, the basic pixel design, the old tough as nails gameplay, it’s an experience that the majority of modern gaming can’t recreate. However, one thing you have to watch out for with nostalgia is it can blind you.