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New GTA V Trailers

Rockstar Games just released three new Character Trailers presenting the three protagonists, players will be able to play and switch…

GTA V Trailers Coming Soon

Rockstar announced today they will release new trailers on April 30th, presenting the three protagonists Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Lego City Undercover Review

Since its introduction in 2012, Nintendo’s new game console Wii U hides in the shadows. The reason: Lack of good…

What can we learn from the past for GTA V ?
GTA5 6

On January 31st, Rockstar Games announced GTA V was pushed back to September 17th. Since then, Rockstar had nothing more…

5 games we want on the PS Vita

We can only hope the PS Vita matures into a system with a robust and respectable library, and while it…