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Funny Killzone: Shadow Fall advert, features Sweet Tooth and Kratos
Killzone: Shadow Fall for the PS4 announcement trailer

It was rumoured in GC’s predictions, Sony have finally shown off Killzone: Shadow Fall for PS4. Guerrilla Game showed off…

Official PS4 Specs

After 2 years of countless rumours, we finally have the official specs given to us by PS4 Lead System Architect…

Killzone: Mercenary – Gameplay Trailer

Mercenary is the 5th Killzone in the series and the first for the PSV. With Guerrilla Cambridge at the helm,…

2013 – PS Vita’s last hope

2012 was a rough year for the PS Vita. Though it launched in the west to acceptable sales with a…

Killzone gets the trilogy treatment
Killzone Triology Cover

Who wants a super-dooper, mega-awesome Killzone trilogy bundle? Well you might just be in luck.