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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Review

War. War never changes.

Splatoon Hands On Impressions

Splatoon was my biggest surprise from the Nintendo Post E3 Event, it managed to amaze me like no other game…

You will need PS Plus to play online on the PS4, Sony explains why

One of the things that came from E3 is that if you want to play online on the next gen…

343 is hiring designer for “revolutionary multiplayer experiences” on upcoming Halo title

With the huge success of the Halo franchise, each game ramps it up in innovation from it’s predecessors. Now, it…

The Stomping Land

Do you like multiplayer games? Dinosaurs? Survival? The Stomping Land is your game.

Xbox’s ‘Durango’ to support 6 person multiplayer?

There has been a collection of rumors going around lately about the specifications for the new Xbox (code-named ‘Durango’) including it’s…

Halo 4 multiplayer first impressions

As Halo fans we were shocked when Microsoft revealed halo 4 at E3 in 2011, why would they want to…