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Styx: Master of Shadows Review


Styx: Master of Shadows is a new fantasy based stealth game developed by Cyanide Studios for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the game takes place in the universe of ‘Of Orcs and Men’ (the game’s sequel) and inside the ominous Tower of Akenash. Players take control of the first goblin, Styx, as he tries to steal the heart of The World Tree in order to earn himself a small fortune and in the hopes of discovering his origins as the first goblin. Styx is described as being a master of stealth, thievery and murder… How original. Read more

Placeholder pricing: Why it shouldn’t sway you


Following the next-gen console reveals, dozens of sites put out placeholder prices on their site for reserve pages,  allowing customers to view their page and entice them to pre-order with their company. With the fiasco of the pricing issue the PS3 had at launch, you can be sure that Sony will be pricing it’s newest console to coincide with Microsoft’s. Unfortunately people took one look at those prices and ran for the hills. Here’s why basing your purchase on a placeholder is a bad idea. Read more

By looking at gaming’s past we can see Nintendos future: Why they will dominate this gen

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Nintendo came into last generation with the goal of connecting with the Casual market. Wii Sports, Nintendo Dogs, Brain Age, etc. It was a huge success. But even with that gigantic push it was only able to go so far. There was a problem. In catering to the casual market they neglected the core gamer. In the end the casual market would not be enough to continue Nintendo’s Console dominance around the World. Read more

5 things Nextbox needs to win next gen


While the first Xbox achieved less than respectable sales, Microsoft out-did themselves in almost every way with the xbox 360, taking a massive leap in market share, innovating tremendously in the online space and becoming yet another brand synonymous with gaming (and making Microsoft billions in the process). The 360 is currently neck and neck in sales with PS3, and won’t catch up to the Wii, so while this generation has been very successful for Xbox, potentially Xbox could be much bigger. Here are some things we think the next Xbox needs to meet that potential: Read more

5 things PS4 needs to win next gen


PS3 was off to a rocky start. The incredibly high loss on each system was devastating, as was the billions in R&D costs. The launch line-up was lackluster and the $600 “get a second job” price was ludicrous. SONY endured through the billions in losses caused by initial PS3 madness and has managed to take the brand back to profitability, but in the state they’re in now they need to of learned from their mistakes. The PS4 needs to be success. Read more