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Tales of Zestiria Review

The most refined Tales game to date.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

To the man who sold the world

I Am Bread Preview

We were recently invited to Bossa Studios in London to check out their up-and-coming toasting simulator I Am Bread for…

Batman Arkham Knight Review

Be the Batman

Quickie Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth

So many video game references.

Danganronpa 2 Review

Words by Milo Fisher A school trip on a tropical island takes a turn for the worst when students start…

One Piece Unlimited World Red Review

Written by Milo Fisher One Piece has been going for over 15 years now, and yet has never managed to…

Conception II Review

Words by Milo Fisher Conception II is unapologetically unoriginal. It’s sexist, unimaginative, bland and repetitive. But for some reason, I…

Ys Memories of Celceta Review

Words by Milo Fisher The Vita has been stepping up recently with a slew of new games being brought over…

Danganronpa Review

Words by Milo Fisher The success of the “Zero Escape” series has spawned a wide range visual novels to be…

Dragons Crown Review

Dragons Crown is the latest magical adventure from Vanillaware. And while the game looks pretty, the lackluster gameplay and overall…

PS3 and Vita price drops

Rejoice fellow gamers! For the PlayStation 3 and Playstation Vita have descended from their price points in the sky and…

Deadpool Review

Deadpool has been growing in popularity over the internet in recent years. So much so that High Moon studios, the…

Play your PS4 digital library on any console
PS4 how to share games

The PS4 will allow you to access your digital library anywhere, on any console. It’s surprising that Sony hasn’t flaunted…

Sony’s teaser image is a new game from Insomniac
Playstation Reveal - Insomniac

Yesterday Sony teased us with an image titled “When Worlds Collide”. Turns out, it will be a game made by…

PS3’s 4.45 firmware updates bricks consoles
PS3 system update

Sony has just recently rolled out the latest FW update with reports that gamers that have downloaded the update will…

You will need PS Plus to play online on the PS4, Sony explains why

One of the things that came from E3 is that if you want to play online on the next gen…

New GTAV console bundle exclusive to PS3 for $299

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 on 17th September 2013. If you haven’t heard about…

PS4 price and design revealed – will cost you $399/€399/£350

E3 brought us a lot of interesting new details about the PS4. We got to see the actual console, their…

Daylight heading to PS4 and PC
Daylight logo

Zombie Studios wants to scare the hell out of us with their latest psychological horror. The sick freaks!

Geoff Keighley tweets that E3 will reveal a “truly incredible” game
geoff keighley

E3 is almost here and the hype train is running at full steam. Microsoft promises to reveal new IP’s, along…

Possible PS4 and Xbox One game line-up leaked
Xbox one ps4

A Swedish store has revealed a monster gaming line-up for Sony’s and Microsoft’s next gen consoles. Amongst the list of…

Minecraft could be heading to PlayStation

Minecraft could be tunnelling its way to PlayStation. Markus Persson, owner of Mojang (which developed Minecraft) revealed that he received…

Battlefield 4 announced for PS4 and Xbox One
Battlefield 4 next gen

Battlefield 4 has just been officially confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox One via their Facebook page. This confirmed growing…

Dead Island: Riptide review
Dead Island Riptide

Riptide is an action survival game and the second installment of the Dead Island franchise. Can Dead Island right its…

Unity coming to Sony consoles this year

Sony Computer Entertainment and Unity Technologies are partnering to bring the Unity engine to developers so they can make games…

Dishonored DLC ‘The Knife of Dunwall’ arrives April 16th
Knife of Dunwall

Those that have played Dishonored vividly can recall the actions of Daud – the legendary assassin that puts the game’s…

15 new Assassin’s Creed 4: Blag Flag screenshots
AC4 11

GC recently reported that Ubisoft will be releasing Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag in October of this year. Now you can…

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag release date and announcement trailer
Assassins Creed 4 logo

Can’t wait for the next Assassin’s Creed on next gen consoles? Well, you could be playing it sooner than you…

A look at PS4’s user interface

Sony is dumping the old and outdated XMB (cross media bar) for a more modern and easier on the eye…

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