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5 things PS4 needs to win next gen


PS3 was off to a rocky start. The incredibly high loss on each system was devastating, as was the billions in R&D costs. The launch line-up was lackluster and the $600 “get a second job” price was ludicrous. SONY endured through the billions in losses caused by initial PS3 madness and has managed to take the brand back to profitability, but in the state they’re in now they need to of learned from their mistakes. The PS4 needs to be success. Read more

Journey Review


We’ve been waiting for Journey for some time now with the hope it will be like thatothergame Flower, and it is. If you haven’t played Flower then you owe it to yourself to play it. Its unique, artistic take on a game was refreshing and absolutely genius. It is simple but atmospheric and contains moments that will stay lodged into your mind. It’s an experience rather than a game and I’m happy to say that they keep these traditions in their new game Journey. Read more