PS3 and Vita price drops

August 27, 2013 Milo 0

Rejoice fellow gamers! For the PlayStation 3 and Playstation Vita have descended from their price points in the sky and have graciously accepted new prices […]

New Tearaway Trailer – Sogport

January 31, 2013 Sam 0

If you haven’t heard much about Tearway, it’s the next project from the guys behind LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule. Things on the Tearaway front have been […]

Win 6 PlayStation Minis

October 11, 2012 Sam 2

[Competition now closed] The guys over at Beatshapers are giving away 6 of their games to you*. That’s right! To you guys!

Sound Shapes review

September 9, 2012 Andre Pestana 1

Sound Shapes is PSVita’s newest gem. The downloadable music-making 2D platformer by Queasy Games is a unique and refreshing take on the music genre, and […]

Canabalt review

August 31, 2012 Andre Pestana 1

In Canabalt aliens have invaded earth and the destruction of human civilization is their clear desire. You play as an anonymous man in a black […]

BreakQuest review

August 29, 2012 Sam 0

BreakQuest Review Who says that big can’t come in small packages? This block-breaking PS Minis game gives you more than your money’s worth with hours […]

Galcon Labs review

August 23, 2012 Sam 0

Galcon Labs is a PS Minis, outer space 2D strategy game that involves sending out little 2D ships to their highly likely deaths. The aim […]

Enigmo review

July 30, 2012 Jacob 0

Enigmo is one sturdy and straightforward puzzle game made for the PSP, PS3, and PS Vita offering many puzzles with liquid physics. For only $3.99 […]

Star Drone Extreme review

July 27, 2012 Jacob 0

Star Drone Extreme is a touch based space arcade game. Star Drone was released for the Vita and is probably most comparable to Super Stardust […]

6 Amazing PSV Features

June 2, 2012 Sam 0

NEAR This is what I think will be one of the best and unique features that the PSV will offer.  Near let’s you see who […]

MotorStorm RC Review

March 7, 2012 Sam 0

This isn’t MotorStorm at heart but still the same quality. We’ve booted up both the PSV & PS3 version and they are remarkably similar.