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GTAV gameplay trailer


As last gen starts to come to an end, Rockstar is determined to squeeze every ounce of power from the aging 7th gen consoles. Rockstar has released a new trailer showcasing some tasty gameplay from GTAV and you will be forgiven for believing that they didn’t show any mercy making the game, leaving no console horsepower left idle.

New GTAV Screens: Motorbike Action, Heists, High-Speed Chases and More…


Brand new set of 12 action-packed shots in high-res featuring Michael, Franklin and Trevor in various states of play – parachuting over Blaine County, piloting over the coastline in a Cuban 800, as well as attending to business affairs solo and as a masked unit tackling heists. Enjoy.

GTA V the facts


Lots of things have been speculated on in the past about GTA V, but today revealed to be VERY interesting and informative at the same time.

We sadly have no story to offer as Rockstar Games only invited selected members of the press, but we have lots of facts we gathered through international press, here it is.

New GTA V Trailers


Rockstar Games just released three new Character Trailers presenting the three protagonists, players will be able to play and switch between in GTA V which is coming on September 17th. Watch for yourself and ENJOY the beauty.

GTA V Trailers Coming Soon


Rockstar announced today they will release new trailers on April 30th, presenting the three protagonists Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

What can we learn from the past for GTA V ?

GTA5 6

On January 31st, Rockstar Games announced GTA V was pushed back to September 17th. Since then, Rockstar had nothing more to show or say. Almost 2 months have passed and Rockstar won’t show anything, what does it mean?

Max Payne 3 coming to OSX?


Steam’s database update has been at it again revealing that there is a Max Payne 3 port in the testing phase for OSX. The game has been ported using the Trans Gaming Cider technology.

GTAV delayed: Release date announced


Rockstar have finally nailed down a date for GTAV, it’s just a few months later than expected. It isn’t the first time that Rockstar have delayed a game to make sure it’s ready and polished to be released to the millions of fans. This is what Rockstar had to say on their website:

LA Noire review

box art

Not very often is it that a Rockstar game isn’t about playing the outlaw or the crook that wishes to become number one and again, this is one of those games. Instead of playing on the wrong side of the law, you play as a cop, meaning, for once, you’re a good guy.