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Quickie Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth


So many video game references.

Destiny Review


Words by Milo Fisher

Destiny is a universe jam packed full of adventure. Unfortunately, most of those adventures end up being repetitive and unimaginative.

Danganronpa 2 Review


Words by Milo Fisher

A school trip on a tropical island takes a turn for the worst when students start killing each other, and what’s worse is that no one remembers who they are. It’s Danganronpa 2!

One Piece Unlimited World Red Review


Written by Milo Fisher

One Piece has been going for over 15 years now, and yet has never managed to find a video game genre that fit it. The series would often borrow from other franchises for its video game adaptations (see One Piece Pirate Warriors 2) but would never dare to be original. One Piece Unlimited World Red takes a bold step for the franchise by being the first original title to grace a home system, and it does so wonderfully.

Conception II Review


Words by Milo Fisher

Conception II is unapologetically unoriginal. It’s sexist, unimaginative, bland and repetitive. But for some reason, I can’t put it down.  

Demon Gaze Review


Words by Milo Fisher

Anime inspired dungeon crawlers have had a resurgence in the past few years, with series such as Etrian Odyssey and Shin Megami Tensei leading the pack. However there’s always been a running issue with these games in their accessibility and difficulty, often making it hard for newcomers to get into the genre. Demon Gaze, the latest dungeon crawler from NIS America, is no different, but it’s gratifying gameplay and stylistic art design make it a great Vita exclusive.

Ys Memories of Celceta Review


Words by Milo Fisher

The Vita has been stepping up recently with a slew of new games being brought over to the handheld. One of these new games is Ys: Memories of Celceta, a game that so enjoyable and well made that you don’t want to put it down.

Danganronpa Review


Words by Milo Fisher

The success of the “Zero Escape” series has spawned a wide range visual novels to be translated and brought over to the west, with each one trying to stand out from the crowd with their unique features and whacky characters. Danganronpa is the latest of these puzzle visual novels, a game with a style unlike anything else.

Dragons Crown Review


Dragons Crown is the latest magical adventure from Vanillaware. And while the game looks pretty, the lackluster gameplay and overall lack of interesting things to do in the game makes Dragons Crown feel like a low budget beat ‘em up.

PS3 and Vita price drops


Rejoice fellow gamers! For the PlayStation 3 and Playstation Vita have descended from their price points in the sky and have graciously accepted new prices lower to the earth.

New PlayStation Vita Update


A recent update to the PS Vita has been made. The update contains a large amount of new features, here is a list of all the fancy new things you can do with your system.

Proteus coming to PS3 and Vita


The atmospheric exploration game, Proteus, is coming to the PS3 and Vita later this fall. The game, created by Curve Studios, is a randomly generated island exploration game unlike any other. The game allows the player to explore at their own pace and discover the secrets and wonders of the island.

Walmart Manager, ” I have not personally sold a Vita in over a year”

walmart store

In a recent interview with a Walmart Electronics Department Manager I have been made aware of some frightening information. The Manager, who wanted to remain anonymous, told me that he has not sold a Vita in over a year. He also said that the Vita is a very nice handheld, but he thinks people just prefer playing DS’s. When he said DS, I assumed he meant the Nintendo DS, since he was the Department Manager and all.

Thomas Was Alone review

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone is a simplistic and charming indie game with a distinctive concept. The story is based on a range of shapes with unique personalities that all behave differently. The shapes all have their own names but don’t talk, instead the game is narrated throughout.

Sony wants more stuff on PS4


Sony is making things easier for indie developers and big publishers alike. The whole concept submission process was changed.

Unity coming to Sony consoles this year


Sony Computer Entertainment and Unity Technologies are partnering to bring the Unity engine to developers so they can make games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile.

According to an announcement made today by Unity Technologies’ CEO, David Helgason, all games built on Unity will be deployable to the Sony devices and Sony future cloud services.

Is Sony Reliving Vita mistakes with the upcoming PS4?


Yesterday Sony, after a month of hype, announced the new PS4 is coming this year! To many Sony fans, this is the biggest announcement of their gaming lives! Many are ready to be first in line at the Sony booth to try out the new PS4 this June at the Electronic Gaming Expo.

But what is it that everyone is missing? When news sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true. For example, the PlayStation Vita was going to be the second coming. An amazing launch line up, High powered specs, beautiful design, etc. But in the end the price of the System and accessories destroyed sales, and the games released after launch were lacking. Even a year later Sony is still trying to pick up the pieces and find out what they did wrong with the vita. At the recent Sony event, it was announced that the Vita would be able to stream PS4 games, in yet another late attempt to make the Vita look appealing to consumers. That is what the Vita has had to deal with because of its outrageous price!

The evolution of PlayStation


Sony, has released a series of videos via the Playstation YouTube channel over a 5 day period in the run up to the Playstation announcement to take place today,  20th February. The videos briefly cover the history of all its consoles and games. What do you think? Clever marketing finally by Sony or are they just flexing there muscles at Microsofts direction showing history and heritage? Sound off in the comments below.

New Tearaway Trailer – Sogport


If you haven’t heard much about Tearway, it’s the next project from the guys behind LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule. Things on the Tearaway front have been very quiet since its announcement

Killzone: Mercenary – Gameplay Trailer


Mercenary is the 5th Killzone in the series and the first for the PSV. With Guerrilla Cambridge at the helm, they aim to mix things up a little. The game promises to play more flexible than previous Killzones where you “Choose your tactics” to complete the missions.

Soul Sacrifice gets a UK and US release date

Soul Sacrifice box art

Soul Sacrifice is an action RPG on the PS Vita, that requires the character to sacrifice their limbs and items in order to unleash devastating moves.

Future Labs’ ‘Velocity’ gets a full makeover for the PSV


Velocity is a hit PS mini from the guys over at Future Labs. The fans asked for a native PSV version and that’s what Future Labs went ahead and did

LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller pack hits the PSN


You can now download the LBP2 Cross-Controller pack after the feature was revealed a few months ago.

Vita’s YouTube app gets a major update


Using YouTube on Vita is a pleasure with its stunning 5” OLED screen. Even though it already came with a robust set of features, the YouTube app on Vita has been updated to improve usability even more.

3DS vs PS VITA: Metascore average


The PS VITA and the 3DS have been out for quite some time now. Though the 3DS has been available for a little longer, they’ve both had more than enough time to build a robust library of games. We’ve taken the top 20 rated titles for each handheld, and calculated the average score. Here’s how they compared:

How to get 3G on the PS Vita Wi-Fi model


Did you not want to pay more for the more expensive 3G model? Did you not want to pay for a data plan for the Vita? Well you can make your Vita, Wi-Fi model, do exactly what the 3G model does

5 games we want on the PS Vita


We can only hope the PS Vita matures into a system with a robust and respectable library, and while it does seem to have a fairly strong line-up for the next year or so, it could use some more firepower.

LittleBigPlanet Vita trophy list revealed


Tarsier Studios, the developer of LBPV, reported on their blog a few days ago that LBPV had gone gold and is awaiting its release on the  25th september in North America and the 19th september everywhere else.

Canabalt review


In Canabalt aliens have invaded earth and the destruction of human civilization is their clear desire. You play as an anonymous man in a black suit who has only one objective: to run for his life.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita is “100% complete”


Born on the PS3, LittleBigPlanet has grown to become arguably one of the best new IPs this gen, achieving great critical and commercial success.