The evolution of the Pokéverse

The Pokémon franchise has been with us since 1996 thanks to the brilliant minds at Gamefreak. However, these past few generations of Pokémon games have not been getting the reaction that Gamefreak had hoped for. Personally, I’m not surprised. Take generation five for example, there is this Pokémon named ‘Trubbish’ which automatically you can begin to predict what this Pokémon looks like. It is a bin bag that looks like someone in the Gamefreak office stuck some googly eyes on to it and went, ”Hey guys I’ve just created a new Pokémon!”

That Pokémon was the worst mistake Gamefreak ever made. Granted they have created some amazing Pokémon in the past and even the present. Honestly for me, I have loved and put at least 300+ hours into each Pokémon game I have ever played. They made my childhood and made me into the person who I am today. I am sure many people reading this will feel the same way, and I’m also pretty sure that the majority of you still play the games on a day to day basis.

Pokemon-x-yI have high hopes for the new sixth generation of Pokémon, it seems to have a whole new feel about it especially as it is entering the world of 3D by being relased as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive. This game will give a whole new look into the Pokémon universe with new Pokémon and characters. By the looks of things this is Gamefreaks shout out to the players they lost when some of them realised where the games were going. ‘X’ & ‘Y’ are to be Gamefreaks latest release which will be available world-wide around Autumn, which suprised me and a few others due to the fact that Japan always gets the games first, America second, and then the UK and the rest of Europe last. As always there will be leaks time and time again, for Nintendo they have been leaking more things than a public bathroom tap. Usually it is the Japanese magazine Coro Coro that obtains all the important leaks before anyone else, or it is the website Serebii.Net which is packed with everything Pokémon.

Back to the point, the way the actual Pokémon universe has expanded is amazing. It has been going on for seven years now and Gamefreak does not look like they are going to give up on their honed child anytime soon. Personally I see Pokémon going on until I hit my mid-20’s, which is another 6 years at least. I can’t think of what Gamefreak could do within that time period but they have never ceased to amaze me. I have very high hopes for the future of the Pokémon universe.


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