The PS4 will launch this year with a AAA line-up


We think that the PS4 will be announced and launched this year with a good range of first party launch titles, it’s not a matter of what’s being said but rather what isn’t. Sony’s next move seems a bit too secretive and this makes us suspicious.

After a year that mostly concentrated on Vita games, you’d think that Sony will be making a bit of a song and dance of what is in store for the PS3. Even Sony’s major developers should have had their next projects out in the open but there is very little evidence of what they are working on. All this points to an imminent PS4 reveal and release with Sony’s best developer backing it from the get go.

NaughtydogNaughty Dog

Let’s Start with Naughty Dog. We now know that they built up a new team to create The Last of Us but what are the Uncharted team now working on? Uncharted 2 was revealed in December 2008 and released in 2009, Uncharted 3 was revealed in December 2010 and released in 2011. Now we are in 2013 and a whole year without a new Naughty Dog announcement or game (Uncharted on Vita developed by another studio), surely Naughty Dogs uncharted team are keeping something from us for a PS4 reveal.

Polyphony DigitalPolophony Digital

Despite popular belief, Polophony Digital do not go 2 years without a release:

  • Gran Turismo 2, 1999
  • Gran Turismo 3, 2001
  • Gran Turismo 4: Prologue, 2003
  • Gran Turismo 4, 2004
  • Tourist Trophy, 2006
  • Gran Turismo HD, 2006
  • Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, 2007
  • Gran Turismo PSP, 2009
  • Gran Turismo 5, 2010

With their next release due 2012 and no announcements again points a finger at PS4 surprise reveal and launch this year.

suckerpunchSucker Punch

Sony’s newly acquired developers have also been very quiet since InFamous 2 which was announced and released in 2010-2011. The only extended absence was between the PS1 to PS2 gen switchover, it took them 4 years from Sly 3 to create InFamous. Now under the wing of Sony, we highly doubt that their next-gen switchover will be another 4 year transition. Couple that with the fact that in 2011 they were hiring for “The next big thing”.

GuerrillaGamesGuerilla Games

A power house when it comes to showing off hardware potential. Their last game was Killzone 3 back in 2011 and with their sister company, Guerilla Cambridge, working on the next Killzone title for the Vita (Killzone: Mercenary), that leaves Guerilla Games with time on their hands. Not much has been revealed about their next project except that it will be a FPS/Action game. Not sure if it’s a new IP or Killzone 4 but with rumours that Guerilla Games are already working on a PS4 project, this is more than likely a PS4 launch or near launch title.

Only time will tell but we can guarantee that both Microsoft and Sony will do their best to outdo each other and it seems that Sony have position their selves nicely. With some of Sony’s studios keeping quiet, something is definitely going down this year. The studio’s that should have announced something by now will probably be announcing something PS4 related very soon. If Polyphony, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Guerilla Games all have launch PS4 titles, then it could be one epic PS4 launch.

29 Responses to The PS4 will launch this year with a AAA line-up

  1. tanto says:

    In your dreams it will

    Maybe in terms of budget but not quality

    • John says:

      I know right. Sony fans are becoming absolutely desperate for a sinking ship like Sony with over 85% of the company’s total asset value already being debt ($146 Billion) and it’s only getting worse.
      PS3 market share dropped from 150 million PS2 units to only 75 million units and the Vita is dead on arrival. Other flops like Move, 3D, Xperia Play, PSP Go and all the exclusive games from 2012 flopping in sales don’t give PlayStation the brand of confidence.

  2. Bambino says:

    I disagree and I’ll give you 3 reasons
    1. They are still trying to sell the ps3 by offering bundles for 300 dollars in the USA. As a customer why am I going to buy a system that’s going to cost 300 dollars in January with 4 exclusives and third party games coming and ending up paying 400 dollars again the same year. Sony will be losing a lot more money if they do this because they need to sell these so called exclusives.
    2. The Vita needs to sell and it’s doing horrible in both Japan and USA. When you see the vita titles this year you will be sick to your stomach. Vita needs to succeed in order for more revenue to come back that’s pretty much how business works. It is also rumored that the dualshock may never return and if that’s the case it will probably take a year to develop a new controller.
    3. The C.E.O of Sony Kaz Hirai has confirmed that they will let Microsoft make there first move and there are many rumors that Xbox 720 is not only going to be console but a tablet that can play xbox 720 games.And if Microsoft does that Sony could be in a lot of trouble because the future is playing games in tablets and smartphones. Will see what happens but this going to be a great year for games and for all 3 consoles

    • SirCrush says:

      The future of gaming is NOT on a tablet. The current market for casual gaming is but tens of millions of gamers will DEMAND their hardcore titles be developed for large HD TVs and serious surround sound. I don’t see tablet gaming ever “taking over.” They’ll have their own market and no doubt some quality titles and the crossover will be an interesting concept…but consoles are here to stay. Indefinitely.

      • Bryan V says:

        It will be a combination of both, but gaming is going fully capable of being portable. I envision tablets that can be linked to the TV. All games will be digital at that point. You’d be able to take your tablet/console to a friends house, set it up on a stand and play some games.

    • MartinB105 says:

      There’s no way Sony will abandon the DualShock controller, because doing so would completely break any form of backwards compatibility, whether via the system itself, or streaming via Gaikai. They will probably tweak it, but the basic button layout and functionality will still remain the same – they have far too much invested in it.

      Secondly, to suggest that the future of gaming is tablets and smartphones is misguided. These devices are not replacing dedicated controllers and consoles; they’re just supplementing them and reaching non-dedicated gamers due to their multi-purpose nature. No serious gamer would even think about replacing their system of choice with something that lacks buttons and sticks.

      Have you ever tried playing a GTA game on a phone? The fact that it can be done may be technically impressive, but it’s absolutely horrible to actually try to play it.

      Anyway, a tablet on a home games console is just a nice extra, but it’s hardly a make-or-break proposition. Look at the Wii U: It’s doing OK but it’s not exactly flying off the shelves. Most people don’t really care about it’s tablet controller; they’re just waiting for Nintendo to release some games.

      • Bryan V says:

        They could easily offer tablets with controlerr since they would still be considered a console, and they could still be hooked up at home.

    • lee johnson says:

      the future is most defiantly not in playing games on tablets, unless your a casual gamer, triple a blockbuster games are not ment for tablets, even steam have their own box coming out. Dedicated consoles still have a massive market share.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have you forgotten that Sony Santa Monica now has 2 teams and one has been making an AAA new IP for the PS4 since at least mid-2010.

  4. Jim Lahey says:

    What??? No way. Can’t stand these sites that just are looking for hits. Anybody can tout their opinion, but look at the facts, too much going on with PS3 this year, no Vita support yet, no way in hell they will launch a new console with their financial woes until what they have now takes off… If I were you, author person, I’d try to be more realistic by saying Sony MIGHT announce PS4 this year (even that is a stretch), but definitely won’t release it.

    • Sam says:

      Facts you say? PS3 sales are on a steady decline. PS3 is now entering it’s Karting years (more family/casual orientated games the focus). Sony can’t afford Xbox to get an head start depsite what Kaz has said. Orbis developer kits have been kicking around for a while. “Financial woes”? either way the have to make console and the big bulk of cost is R&D which would of started years ago so it makes no difference in cost if it was released today, tomorrow or in 10 years. When PS4 is released, the PS3 will not shrivel up and die. It well sell along side PS4 and Vita. PS2 is dead and the sooner they get 3 consoles back on the market the more money they will make.

      • lee johnson says:

        totally agree they only just stopped manufacturing of ps2 in japan this month ! that means that console was still selling in places and in big enough numbers for them to keep building them.
        Ps3 is into 6 years now and it will continue with ps4, unlike MS who dropped xbox as soon as 360 released.Same can be said of psp it is still selling and more than vita.

    • DarthDiggler says:

      Yeah this console generation is OVER, these boxes have overstayed their welcome. I am a PlayStation DIE HARD, but I have to say the PC is looking VERY attractive to me as a next gen gaming platform.

      If MS and Sony wait much longer they may lose customers to other more powerful platforms that they may never get back.

      They HAVE to launch new consoles.

  5. kg says:

    Don’t count on Uncharted 4. As a publisher you should know well enough that Naughty Dog usually drops one franchise and picks up another per generation.

    • Sam says:

      Maybe not Uncharted. Seems like they want to push the franchise on Vita now. But Naughty Dog are up to something

    • MartinB105 says:

      I’d bet on Uncharted 4 if we’re talking about a launch game. It would be a system seller. A new franchise is more risky, so less likely IMHO.

  6. tea&crumpets says:

    I love the source for this article. I should start writing articles with eye grabbing titles and pulling shit out my arse too

    • Sam says:

      We have sources where needed and analysed patterns. We spent some time researching facts like previous release dates and announcements and found that developers that should of announced new games by now, haven’t. Same conclusion to 4 different developers. Make of it what you will

  7. mike says:

    For the 2 frustated comments above:

    you are just 2 sons of the bad gaming media. Since 2007, 90% of the websites, since 2006, spent most of their time criticizing the ps3 and now vita. these websites gave – 1/10 for every multi game, even if there was only a single bad texture on the ps3 version. these media wrote articles where we could read hate and a tremendous wish to see sony dying, by always writing something bad about the ps3 or vita.
    even if psn+ costed 5$ a year, and they give you 5 free full games every month and tons of bonus, they would still bash them, and say cross game chat is the best thing after an orgasm, and psn is a huge s-hit.

    Still these websites always killed every exclusive game on the ps3, because, you know, uncharted is not graphically good, killzone 3 is ugly, and every single ps3 game doesn’t worth buying.

    These websites spread hate, doom and gloom, since 2006, and do all they can to give shi-tty scores to ps3 games, even if they are masterpieces, and always give perfect 10/10 to the for or 5 games the xbox player gets, every single year: forza, gears, halo, which, of course, are the best games of the world,now, and until 2025.

    i have at least 100 full boxed games on my ps3, and excepting 4 or 5, all the others are amazing, and not even talking about the monsters uncharted, lbp, infamous, killzone, gt5, etc etc etc etc etc. 100 full games, and maybe 30 different genres of games. how many games did microsoft give you, all these years? fable, alan wake, the 3 i mentioned above, and that’s all folks.

    so how can you dare saying the ps4 lineup won’t be great, when there are dozens of talented studios, who already made huge AAA games for the ps3? only jealous kids who rely on daddy for buying the last callzz of dutyzzzz can act like that. grow up, kids. ps4 lineup will be a powerful thing. really powerful.i wish you could imagine an uncharted 4, a killzone 4, an infamous 3, a lbp3, a gt6, etc etc etc with 3 times more textures, better textures, crispier, less aliasing, at least 3 times the quality we have now. no, you can’t imagine that.

    so guys, go back to your halo/cod game, be careful, your 4th x360 has 4 months, soon, it’s gonna RROD on you, so play the most you can now.

    and don’t forget to ask daddy to pay the 60$ microsoft steals you, every year, so you can yell at your buddies, and say bad words, while playing halozzzz or callzzz of dutyzzz, with the excellent cross game screeming thing.

    games will be played on tablets… big huge massive LOL here…

    i have 2 tablets, and the only games i like playing, are slot machines, poker, and tower defense games. all the others, it’s just impossible to play. try driving a car, on gran turismo, by tilting and holding your tablet during at least 10 minutes.. or a fps… or 90% of the games… it’s just impossible, without a controller. and even with a controller, i prefer playing on my 3d 60″ sharp tv, with my jbl 7.1-onkyo AV, perfectly sat on my big couch, than sitting in a chair, moving my fingers trying to touch the virtual controller, for even 5 minutes. but you can’t understand these kind of things, most of you are too young an immature to think that there are other games than halo or gears or cod. com’on, a few more years, and it will be ok :) be patient, microsoft is preparing next halo, next cod and next gears, and are finishing paying the cheques of bethesda and trayarc, so they totally screw the ps3 version, so there is only the xbox version available.

    really, with all that love towards microsoft, and all the hate against sony, it must be so frustating of having to play the same halo and cod games, over and over and over, during 7 years. that is a sad thing, for you, young xbox players. you know, there are other consoles that have great games, like the ps3. try it, you’ll love it.

  8. KAt says:

    mike, I love you man! (don’t get me wrong though, it’s just affection for what you wrote above). PS3 is far superior than Xbox360′ and people yet haven’t realized that, which is obvious! Did you xbox guys see at least killzone 2&3 and uncharted 2&3 or god of war 3? I can continue with resistance 3 or little big planet, or even ratchet&clank series (a crack in time and all4one)….
    You know s-hit when you say you know what ps3 can do! PS3 is still very powerful! Imagine it’s a hardware from 2006 and now in 2013 there isn’t a single game on PC to match their lineup quality and gameplay! Think about that! Bluray is a support for huge textures and this makes a difference! Plus, cell is powerful and rsx is still ok for a gpu having its origins in nvidia geforce 7800! Think about how many generations of GPUs from nvidia showed up on the market in the meantime: geforce 8800 series, geforce 400 series, 500, etc. Think about that! And still, they don’t prove superior in gaming, both in graphics and physics over RSX&CELL! What can I say, PS3 is still a powerful , a AAA class gaming platform and still capable of delivering top of the line games (Last of Us, GOW Ascension anyone?)
    Xbox360 is ok but more family friendly, not for the serious gamers (Besides Halo and Gears of War what do you have for the real gamers?maybe alan wake was but that’s it, your exclusives lack).
    That was my point of view. I have both consoles and I tell the truth.
    Your sincerely,
    Kat (male) from Bucharest, Romania

  9. J says:

    Kat… I agree with you on everything except your claims about PC. The PS3 is still a great piece of hardware, as is the XB360, but the PC still far outclasses either of them ***when games are coded to take advantage of the extra power available***

    Since the 7800, there was the 8800, 9800, GT200, GT400, GT500 and GT600 series, each one a SIGINIFICANT jump over the last, with the exception of the 8800 to 9800 series jump, which was only a minor improvement. The problem for PC games in terms of graphical fidelity lies solely with the developers who cater to consoles and then port to the PC almost as an afterthought. Look at Crysis, the original game. There is STILL nothing that looks as good as that game does on consoles. Even better with Crysis 2 and the DX11 update. Metro2033 with DX11 enabled… nothing even close to that on current gen consoles. Any AAA title developed with any focus on taking advantage of the PC platform whatsoever that has been released in the past several years has looked and performed better on PC’s.
    Case in point- Can our PS3 play Crysis 2 at full 1080p/60fps? No. The PC is capable of that, and then some. Achieving 60fps or better even with a high resolution texture pack and DX11 tesselation and lighting. PC is and always will be the superior platform when looking at raw power and performance.
    Of course, gameplay has little to do with the power of the system and much, much more to do with the input devices and how the developer chooses to make use of them within the contexts of their games.
    The strengths of consoles lie mainly in affordability and convenience. You pay $4/500 to get your console and then you’re set for the next 5/6 years or however long you decide to keep the console. A PC you’ll have to update (mainly just your graphics card) every couple or three years to stay cutting edge.
    I like to stay cutting edge, but that isn’t a necessity to still have a great gaming pc.

    Anyway… I have both an XB360 and PS3 in addition to my PC and I can tell you that you wouldn’t think that the PS3 is more powerful if you saw Battlefield 3 on the PS3, and then at full settings on the PC, on the same screen as the PS3. There’s no question, the PC version looks better. (plays better in my opinion too, but that personal pref)

    I enjoy my PS3 and XB360 because they both provide experiences that aren’t available on my PC, like God of War or Halo and Gears of War, but at their core, they are still outdated technology. Hell, with the exception of the CELL processor, they were already outdated on release.
    The 7800 was already nearly a year and a half old when the PS3 released.
    The xbox 360 runs with a very similarly powered gpu and was similarly outdated on its release in late 2005, though not quite so badly out of date as the PS3 was at launch, its pretty irrelevant now as its all 8 year old tech anyway.

    Sorry about that, I’ll step off the soap box now :)

    • KAt says:

      J, I love you too! you’re right, you’re absolutely right! But what I was referring earlier was exactly your point: developers are focused mainly on consoles, only a few accept the challenge and decide to invest in PC and think and optimise a game accordingly. I agree with you, PC is much more flexible and powerful, you said Battlefield 3 on PC looks better and I say definatelly! But as you noticed, only high-res textures, a higher resolution and sometimes DX11 effects (DX11 is a powerful tool for dev but they haven’t made use of it properly). How many games came out as pc version really taking advantage of DX11? Maybe Battlefield 3, the only one on the market!And of course Metro2033 but although graphics were really nice and PC version was at a glance, I didn’t like it, the campaign was weak! Crysis 2 on the other hand is a 100% console port and then Crytek decided to satisfy PC customers too but they blew it! The high res texture pack and DX11 effects (where are they?I couldn’t see anything except the dense smoke between the skyscrapers) came too late and with a high price: performance drop! Although there wasn’t much quality improvement, the framerate dropped alot, I mean alot! Simply because they didn’t optimise anything! It was simply a raw adition! Battlefield yes, you could say it had some effects but the sp campaign was crap! For me, Killzone 2 is the best on sp campaign if we talk about 1st person shooters.
      So, to return to the topic, you’re right, PC is much more powerful and can deliver next-gen console quality but this won’t be the case now, the situation will change and they will unleash the beast ONLY when ng-consoles are out! Why? Simply because 90% of the games are designed and made first for consoles and then ported to PC! This is now and this will be the case in the future too! What I like because something has changed is that more and more developers bring games to pc aswell, and this is interesting cause recently (year and a half ago) I had the impression pc gaming was dead. I think we have to thank the hardware companies for that, they must have paid a share of their proffits to to developers, otherwise I just simply can’t imagine! PC market is not a proffit making area! PC selling figures are way behind consoles’! More and more developers are porting to pc aswell (look to Ace Combat: Assault Horizon now which I didn’t imagine I’d see on pc).
      Anyway, pc gaming rigs are expensive sometimes if u want top of the line and what for? you don’t benefit for the extra power so why wasting so much money to have triple or quad SLI? it is not worth it! Because games don’t take advantage of that!
      I have been having my gaming pc in the following configuration for more than 3 years I think and I still am on top and I can play on 1600X900 with high (maybe ultra) many new games: Core2Duo, 4 gb ddr2 800 a-data, geforce gtx 460 1 gb vram, raid 0 2X500 gb hdd.
      As a conclusion, PC is powerful, is in many cases much more powerful than ng-consoles and so what? PS3 and XBox360 are a masterpiece and they both deserve at least an award for beeing able to deliver nowadays very high quality having a hardware pretty old and the PS3 exclusives….but I think I stop here.
      Sorry for the long lines, Í’m just excited to share my thoughts.
      PSN: acocoasa78

      PS: yeah man, original Crysis rocks, it was awesome when it came out but remember there were many rigs back then which couldn’t achieve a playable framerate (I had a geforce 7600 gt back then i think)

  10. DarthDiggler says:

    Kudos for saying “We think” at the beginning of this article, so sick of self proclaimed facts that are just speculation. :)

  11. Regrix says:

    The PS only better than the Xbox in it’s most fevered dreams. Someone mentioned that the Playstation was getting bad reviews on various websites, let’s put it like this… if one person says something, that’s their opinion. If two people say it, start to wonder. If three+ people are saying it… it’s gotta be true.

    Playstation has a weak game selection, try an bash xbox all you like for the CoDs and the Halos but guess what they wouldn’t be making so many of them if people didn’t like them that said, your argument is invalid.

    The best thing Sony has going for it is Kratos, and that isn’t saying much.

    Add to that the fact that with the PS4 Sony is going to be building in software that will prevent you from playing pre-owned games, borrowed games from a friend on gamefly or such… So if you don’t go out and buy the game “first run” your S.O.L.

    XBox is just the better system all the way around (and the system the PS wants to be when it grows up. just sayin…)

    With the attitudes that Sony has $ over Customer service…. they deserve to be the titanic of consoles.

  12. Mr.Big Dick says:

    PS4 is only for rich dudes like me. I am willing to pay up to $2,000 for a PS4. Money is not a problem when it comes to fun. You can’t afford to buy a PS4, so stick with your PS1. HAHAHAHA. The more expensive the PS4 will be, the better the features of the PS4 will be. PS4 will be the best console on the planet.

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