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We are giving away 20 digital copies for the PC game Irritum. All you have to do it follow the rules of our super original idea… retweet this!

OK it’s not an original idea but the concept of Irritum truly is. It’s a game that resolves around issues that most developers would run a mile away from. Nick Padgett, sole developer of Irritum, focuses on sensitive issues like depression and suicide in this unique 3D platformer. Here’s the blurb;

Irritum is a game revolving around the concepts of loneliness, depression, and suicide. The player finds themselves in a strange limbo-like void with no memory of their past life. Two mysterious beings, Cassus and Sollus, guide the player in their journey of discovery, and lead them either to retribution or oblivion. As you approach revival, you become more aware of your situation in addition to making the journey more difficult. The only thing you know is to keep moving forwards, either collecting your memories in each level or ignoring them completely. Either discover the purpose of Irritum, or escape it.

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